Friday, January 18, 2013

Early birds=)

Good morning everyone!

Now when I am so called in the late pregnancy, the whole thing with being tired, sleeping all the time, suddenly changes to being a real early bird who wakes up 5.30. It has happened every pregnancy and I know it´s my body who prepares itself for the baby and wakening nights that are coming;=)

So, what to do than to get up early and start the day!

A lovely morning here and sun is slowely coming up even if it´s still dark outside:

I love the blue sky and I hope for a day with some sunshine;=)

I don´t know how big blogging is in your countries but here in Sweden it´s a big thing and even if it started many years ago now, it´s still a big thing and many celebrities, singers, authors and so on has blogs they update several times a day. Maybe it´s due to us here in Sweden being very open and outspoken (not all of us, but most;=) And the biggest blogs are followed by the yellow press and they take lots of blog posts and put in the newspaper daily. So, it´s a way for press and also, everyone, to follow people they like and their lifes. Can be a nice thing but also a very bad thing, since if you write something you feel strongly about and it goes against other peoples views, it can be blown up in the press and the hunt is on. One of our big bloggers and a TV profile had this happening to her this week and the "hunt" was on! Front page in the evening paper, 1000 comments whereof most hate attacked her post and so called "experts" were quoted in the newspaper telling how stupid she was! Guess she wasn´t so happy this week, but mostly the blogs are appreciated for what they are. A way of showing yourself, sell yourself or your work, talk about fashion, music, your interest or as some of the biggest bloggers, provoke people to get more readers.

To show you some of the blogs we have here, and some of the most popular ones, I´ll put them here so you can see how different they all are;=)

One of the biggest celeb blogs up there is Carolina Gynning, who started out as a winner of Swedish big brother many years ago but today she is an actor, painter and model. She also got her first baby a while ago;=)

Then one site that I follow mostly is the one belonging to the magazine "MAMA" where many celebs blog about their life and their kids. Here are some of the ones I like:

Anine Bing - a model, designer and mother of a daughter and now pregnant again with the second child;

Swedish singer Carola, who has been in the business for a long time;=) She writes about adopting her daughter and about her son, her faith and singing and so on:

Jenny Silver, who also is at my management Hagenburg. She started out as a singer in my mum´s "old" band and then she has been in different bands, musicals, Eurovision (she is gonna compete in the Swedish one in february again) and also a newly become mother:

Then I also like this beautiful blog, which is a decoration blog but also some baby photos here and there - Caisa K:

Another cute blog is called Englas showroom and here Engla shows fashion and her life with her kids:

One big fashion blog is Sofis Snapshots, which is done by Sofi Fahrman, who is a fashion blogger, TV presenter, author and soon to be mum. She also is the editor of the fashion magazine Sofis Mode:

An even bigger fashion star, who you might have heard of, is Elin Kling, and her blog called Style by Kling is big, not only here in Sweden but in the whole world. She has her own fashion brand, she has a fashion magazine, she has done co-ops with H&M and Guess and also being in a campaign for Louis Vuitton.

Then when it comes to cooking and recipes, this is one of my favorites: 56kilo. She has made a cook book that just came out and blogs about food and she also lives in the same town as me;=)

Another singer who has a big blog is Charlotte Perrelli. She also has made an exercising book, sells her own fitness products, perfume and body lotions.

Another great fashion blogger, who has a really cool style, in my opinion, is Sania Claus. She just has a crazy and fun style and I like it;=)

Then this blog I like cause she has great fashion taste, makes nice clothes and her photos of her kids are just adorable;=) Isabel Adrian, who blogs from L.A, is a clothes designer and together with Steve Angelo, member of the DJ-trio called Swedish House Maffia

Then to get some nice photos and stories from New York, Anna Blom´s blog, is nice to look into

Then for some positive inspiration, life inspiring words every day, I follow this great author, who after a  life-changing depression started to view life differently and now writes inspiring books. Karin Isberg:

So there you got some info about how blogging is here and also some blogs to look into. Maybe one or many will interest you too;=)

Enjoy this day now and enjoy life!!


Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

I don't think we have such celebrity blogs in The Netherlands. Nice to see that Carola and Charlotte are still around. I follow the Eurovision songcontest already for many years and I remember them very well.

linda said...

Hey Anette! How are you?! Here in France, there is snow, it's cold ... brrrrrr ... But nature is beautiful ... I saw an article in your blog that you IKEA machine to make clothes for your baby! It is good quality? I recently saw at Ikea and I hesitate to buy it so I wanted your opinion! :)
Otherwise, I like the links of blogs and I confess that I want to create a blog! I think I'm going to start soon!

Enjoy your day with your family, take care my dear!

Kisses from France, tenderly, Linda (and sorry for my english, I hope you come to understand me;))

And OH!! PS: Yesterday I had my birthday and I had a nice surprise. My boyfriend to call a local radio and they call me live! So funny!

SM said...

Thanks for your blog tips:) But your blog is the best:) I love it. Swedish women are beautiful. I love blond hair. And the church is so wonderful. You live in very beautiful town.

Dark Queen said...

Good morning Anette.
I have to say that I love to sleep even if I'm not pregnant :P
anyway, I think we don't have many blogs. Here are more popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Blogs were popular about 10 years ago.Now have almost all a Facebook or Twitter or maybe both accounts.
I hope you have a nice sunny day. Here is so cloudy and gray. I hope that it will not snowing today too.
Have a nice day dear ♥

linnea-maria said...

Lite pinsamt måste jag erkänna för mig själv att jag inte läser någon av dem, förutom din blogg :)
Du håller dig alltid på jorden, är ödmjuk inför andra människor och framför dina åsikter på ett moget sätt.
Tidningarna har nog för lite att skriva om och det är väl enkelt att bara klippa o klistra. Vad Laila Bagge behövde lära sig är att sanningen är inte alltid bara det man ser med egna ögon. En kommentarerna till den artikeln var en tjej som berättade att hennes bror var hemlös och hade en enkel mobil med kontantkort,för att kunna ringa sina barn ibland.
Jag ska ta och kika igenom de andra bloggarna. Kram

Katrinsessa said...

Almost the only Swedish blog I know apart from yours is Kissies ;D I have no idea who linked it to me ages ago, but she sure has a very...unique style of her own. I must admit I like yours way better :D Thanks for those blogtips, nånting att läsa for the boring days!
Hälsningar från Jyväskylä!

Rebel said...

i don't think blogging in Poland is very popular i guess it is just crawl slowly, maybe in a year or 2 it will become more popular. Greetings from Poland

Unknown said...

In the U.K, blogging isn't massive. Obviously there are a few, but no where as big as in Sweden. I don't really follow many bloggs - maybe 3 or so. I don't really find most very interesting and i have little interest in most celebrities or fashion. However i do follow the gorgeous Georgina Horne -
and here -
She is an inspiration to ladies like me and is totally stunning! Maybe you'd like to take a look sometime. x

XxBriannaxX said...

Well good to hear your morning is going well so far. The pictures look very beautiful with the dark morning sky. And in America blogging is pretty popular,but not as popular as it is over there. ;-) I like the blogs you put up,thank you for sharing. ;-)
Enjoy this day!

Nastacha said...

Hi Anette,

That's a great selection =) I really like the pictures in the 56kilo blog but I couldn't understand a word of what it says =(

I don't know if you've ever heard of this blog: it's called Alice's bucket list and it belonged to a young british teen with cancer... She recently passed away, but I find her texts and achievements! Truly inspirational!!

But apart from that, I really love your blog and how you manage it =) It's in my favorite's list!!

Philippa said...

Hej Anette! I love blogging and reading blogs, but I have a feeling that blogging is mainly a big thing in the English speaking world. Or perhaps I only come across blogs that are written in English.

I run my own blog as well, which is mainly about books, but about cooking and travelling as well :)

Enjoy your day. X

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettan, how are you doing?
Aanh, how beautiful is to see the morning coming to us, the sun rising, I wish I could wake up earlier to see this nature's show everyday. And the winter morning is more beautiful than the summer one *-*.
Here in Brazil the blogs are so famous too, unknown people write about everything like life experiences, fashion things, nailpolishes, shoes, clothes, food, but the celebrities don't like it like in Sweden; they prefer to stay in Twitter or Facebook. Unhappilly, we see so many cyberbullying cases because sometimes they write things that people don't like and they just don't know how to respect it and show their hate and anger all time. I just can't understand why because everyone has the right to think like they want and people just NEED to respect it, you don't need to accept or agree but respect is essencial for the life.
I think I would love some blogs you posted, but they are all in swedish, so I have to learn your language first haha, but I swear I'm trying, is not easy for me, but I love swedish and I will speak with you one day haha.
Ah, I have to's been five years since the day I saw you and I only have sweet memories of that day in Tokyo, how I miss that time, that town, thank you for giving me one of the best moments of my life.

So, have a beautiful day and enjoy the friday =).

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Hi:) Wow! I don't think I'd ever wake up that early...
Interesting looking blogs.
I like your blog bc I like how you share a lot with us, I feel like it's a nice safe environment where nobody judges others or disses people, and u r a really nice person...this world needs more people like you:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,

I know a lot of people, mostly teenagers who use Tumblr and thats "blogging" for them. My sister use to do her blogging on there with pictures and quotes. She used to blog about self-harm, music, bullying, and etc. She deleted it a few days ago. I can't give up blogging. The blog I use is my second blog. My first blog was created out of my Gramnmar class in school when I was a senior. Kept at it until 2011. Then I got a new one on a different site. I change the theme all the time. I actually only read two celebrity blogs, well three but its rare. I haven't found very many celebrity blogs in the US. I keep up with yours more than anybodys. I also have you on my blogroll that way I don't forget. Have a good day! :)

Meghan H. said...

%:30am? Screw that haha, I won't ever get up before 8:30 unless I have to go to school :p luckily no school for over a month, especially since I've fallen ill, gone from nausea to now having a throat infection, it sucks!

I don't know if blogging's that popular in Australia, seems to be mostly twitter and facebook here,I'm too lazy to even post on my own blog, though I will soon as I need to for starting up some free lance designing and artwork to hopefully get me established doing some design work :D

Might check those other blogs later.

Also had a question for you Anette, do you have a PO box or anything we can send things to you? I'd love to send you something like a card and maybe little gift for your young'uns when your baby's born if that is at all possible :)

Have a lovely day xoxo :D

Andrea said...

Anette, I heard blogger/blogspot will delete high traffic blogs. I don't know if your blog will be affected since you're quite popular but be careful and back very thing up just in case ok?

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

I your movie Evening was good:).
The 1st thing i was read your Blog was: WOW! That are many!!!

For me personally, I hardly read blogs. With your there are three.
And I post only irregularly contribute because I do not know what I should write. Now I sit here and think about where to start your blog over the sewing. :/

But I will make every blog times. Always something new;)

And I just saw a first baby pants with instagram. Looks really like the professional;).
Did you have problems because with the fabric?

Lovely evening and give heed to your belly.


Beatrix said...
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Unknown said...

I absolutly love Elin Kling's blog, but my favorite is Ebba Von Sydow's blog for sure :). I love her style!