Friday, January 25, 2013

And for those of you who...

...has liked my star knit from Hunky Dory, they have just released their spring version in a really soft cotton and in 4 different colors. Here they are and here you can find them, if interested:


Elmas said...

Hey Anette! Just wanted to share a great video with you, it's a group of dancers that does a very interesting shadow dance-choreography number. There are some wonderful ideas and effects behind it, it's so full of surprises and I think it's amazing how perfectly credible everything looks. They must have practiced so hard!

Enjoy your weekend!

Philippa said...

I love it, and I'm not even sure which colour I like best because they're all so pretty! And I had a look at the website as well, and they've got some beautiful clothes. I love the name of the store as well, Hunky Dory, reminds me of the David Bowie album. :)

Brigitte said...

Hi Anette,
I like the black star knit ;-)
Dear Anette, I wish you now a beautiful weekend. Have a great time.
I will have a very stressful weekend because I got my new apartment and so I have so much to do... I looking forward to my first night in the new appartment. On monday I'll sleep for the first time there.
big hugs and love

Karin said...

I like :)

Anonymous said...

*_* the star knit is beautiful, i like all the colors thanks for share it anette :)
have a great weekend, take care

XxBriannaxX said...

Oooh that is so cute! It looks so comfy and soft,im going to order one. ;-)

Beatrix said...
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migi said...

hi anette :D,
how are you. the star knit looks great and i could really Need it here, it`s sooo cold today!!!

thank you for sharing the song from carole king. it`s a long long time ago since i heard it. a friend of mine sang it on the last day in School. well this is 10 years ago. i remember i had tears in my eyes. by the way "tears in my eyes" today i get the tickets for the greenfield Festival Interlaken. you were there with nightwish in 2009. i really look forward to see the band again, but i also think it will be hard not to cry if i hear the Songs without you on stage.

and i baked the toblerone Muffins for the first god! yummyyy!

wish you a great Weekend dear anette. and big hugs as always ;)

Nora said...

Good morning Anette.
I really like the black I took a look at the website and saw the prize (had to check it in Euros first) and just thought " no star knit for me". *lol* Unfortunately too expensive at the moment. But nevermind...maybe I`ll find something similar soon. ;-) :-)

Hope you were able to sleep better last night. How do you feel today?

And thank you so much for your comment, it really cheered me up. It`s so sweet that you care about all of us and always find some nice words. I know that worrying isn`t healthy...sometimes it`s not very easy to get rid of the worries. But there will come better times. I hope. :-) Love, Nora.