Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 39

So, entering week 39 today and it´s just amazing how big of a belly I have now;=) I do get big babies, Seth weighed 4065 gram and Nemo 3965 gram, and I know this is a big baby too. Puih! Luckily, soon over;=) It´s amazing how fast and easy we forget how tired a pregnant woman is in the end...hehe!

I could sleep ALL day if I didn´t have my dear Nemo to take care of but I do take naps all the time;=)

So, today some leopard to cheer me up from the snowy wintery weather outside;=( Bläh! Give me spring for God´s sake;=)

 Doesn´t look SO big when looking straight on me;=)

 From the side I look HUGE;=)

 From the back you can´t even see I am pregnant:=)

But I AM so pregnant and for me, the baby is welcome to come out ANY day now;=)


Océane said...

Thats indeed a massive belly! How many babies are hidden inside? Ahah!

And yeah if we look at you straight we dont see it (on the photos at least). And from the back yeah we cant see it at all! And it reminds me how funny it is when a guy watch a woman from the back and once he see her belly thats an other story and he just ran away! Ahah! I Saw that scene few times on the street and it really was funny! Ahah! And maybe it happened to you as well!

Anyway, i hope youre now fully recover from the sickness and the baby is fine! Cant wait to know his name ! :)

Love and hugs

Betty Blue said...

I love this blouse ;-)
You look so happy! Really cheers me up, thank you!
Have a nice day, you and your loved ones!
Love, Betty

saskia said...

you shocked my with the foto showing you from the side. well this is a really huge belly O.o. Cant wait to know if its boy or girl:)

eskoplja said...

You look so lovely as always :)
I hope you and the baby are ok :) Soon you'll have your little one in your arms :)
I am really sad because I found out that some of my works were stolen again -.-
Even my watermark was removed and some parts of the pictures were cut off and put on other works :/
Wish you a lovely day

Ena :*

Dark Queen said...

Good afternoon Anette :)
It loooks that you're ok and so happy! That's good :)
Really you have snow again??? I can't believe and I hope that the snow will not come here. I don't like it so much. In 2 weeks I have to leave, because I'll go at my friedn's place. She lives 650 kilometers away form home because of her work. I miss her so much and soon we will spent some days together.
Time flies! you're already in week 39. It seems that you told us yersterday thet you'll have a new family member. It looks that your belly is super heavy, but is so nice to see a happy mother who can't wait to know her baby :)
Take care!
Kisses to all of you and an extra big hug for you ♥

Unknown said...

Spring will come. Patience is a virtue! It's ok if u don't have it tho. I don't always. If u want spring come to Texas:)
I don't think I haveexperienced real cold weather since...2004...Oh God!

Lucinda said...

This is exciting, I can't wait for you to finally have your baby ;)

This outfit looks great, and indeed, your belly might be bigger than I thought. But for the rest, wow you're so fit!

Indeed, Seth was a beautiful healthy baby, haha ! And my little brother was the same weight as Nemo's when he was born, so I know what he looked like. Not so tiny but still very beautiful =)

Have a great day!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

You look realy great. And you don´t look tired.
And do not worry about the winter. The spring will come for with your baby.;)

Enjoy your day.

I go straight to my Finnish lessons.


Nora said...

Aww you look really amazing this time. :)Last time you looked so tired and I thought you were kinda sad (that was just what I felt when I saw your eyes but that was probably due to the fact that you were ill). Your belly looks nice and from the front and back it looks like a "boy-belly". But when I saw your side-picture I thought "hm...okay, maybe this time it will be a girl".

I am always curious when it comes to the fact to guess if a baby will be a boy or a girl.

We will know soon. :) Just in case your baby will come in the next days and you won`t ne able to write here for some time....: I just want to wish you a well childbirth and I send you loads of positive thoughts and energy for you and your family. Love, Nora.

Karin said...

Wish you strenght and patience! I remember in my last days of the pregnancy I had so much pain everywhere, and it was
hard to walk, to sit, and lie down. I did not know how to be anymore, and I was really fed up with it :) Well, I think it is nature's own way to get you ready to want that baby out, and give you the urge to give birth to the baby.
And Anette; you look beautiful !

Selenaelle said...

Hi Anette,
1 to go!! YOUP youp!! I remember my pregnancy like if it's yesterday. I was pregant with twins 2 girls, they have 4 and a half now. I have them at 36 weeks, take 60 lb and a dont know the english word but have a surgery call césarienne in french (not a natural delivery). I wish you all the luck because it can be every day now! Congratulation in advance! By the way did you start guessing about the baby gender? I wish you a beautiful and healthy baby! Hug Amélie

SirenNemo said...

Du er så pen Anette! Lykketil med babyen! Virkelig, håper alt går bra! Kos deg videre :=)

Philippa said...

Still looking good Anette! You're truly an inspiration in the way that you show women that you can still look good and dress nicely even when you're heavily pregnant.

And Seth and Nemo certainly were big babies. I was only 2750 grams at birth :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello dear
wow, looks like it has two babies inside. haha
My mother recommended something great for you.
She said for you to use almond oil on the belly and legs, to keep the skin firm. She said it prevents stretch marks. (I do not know what that is) haha. She used it a few years ago, when she was pregnant and said it is really good.
I wanted to ask you something.
You can publish these photos on the blog, please? ( i know, I'm asking it again.) hahaha
They are so beautiful =) I hope you don't mind
see you later, hugs ♥


Beatrix said...

Hi Anette,
I know exactly how it feels. I also wanted to give birth to my child every day during the last two weeks, but he did not want to come before the date and he even got me wait 2 additional days! :) oh, and he was 4610 gr... you can imagine!.. :D
Hope he/she will not want you to wait that that much and so you can meet her/him very soon. Just please, please do not disappear from here without a word! I know probably this will not be your first priority, but we will be here waiting for your note to know that both of you are fine! :)
Sleep well and take care!

Herta said...

oh woooow, what a loooovelyyyy biiiig baby ♥♥♥!!!!!! your belly is huge fron the side!!!! but it suits you very well :D!!! thanks for all the cool pics, you look beautiful :D ♥!
lots of love ♥ :* :*

P.S: I wonder how big my dear friends's belly has gotten, she is around week 26 and I haven't seen her for 7 weeks and I'm so excited, cause tomorrow I am visiting her! I guess the difference will be huge from last time, when the belly was barely visible.

Unknown said...


Simona said...

Dear Anette, I really hope that you'll meet the little one soon, and that (s)he'll come easy. :)

By the way, I don't know if it's just me, or the lights, or the way you dress, but you could've fooled me till the end - From the front it still looks to me that you're holding air, not your belly, only the side picture shows clearly :D

Unknown said...


I Bet it's a girl!!
my mom says when a woman its prego, and her belly it's ''huge'' it's going to be a baby girl!

how you've been?
do you have frecuent nausea?

a big warm hug for you my dear!