Saturday, March 16, 2013


...I wish I wasn´t pregnant and could fly over to Helsinki to take part of my dear "old" crew guy, Antti´s wedding. But no matter how much Johan and me would love to participate, the baby inside makes us not able to go;=(

Antti is the sweetest and most precious guy there is and he´s always been the kindest and most helpful guy for me on tour these years in Nightwish. He has helped me with all my make up stuff behind the "curtain" on stage, he has helped me fix all those small emergencies that can and do occur on stage, whether it´s a a shoe falling off, a hair band I loose or a jewellery I drop during the show. He also has cheered me up on those harder days when life hasn´t always been on top with a soar throat or after an argument with someone or home sickness. 

He has also been the funniest and best party person to party with and I still remember our big European tour with Pain where me, the Pain boys, our dear merchandise girl Erin, Antti and I had the best hotel room parties;=) So much fun and so good memories!
And on this very last tour with Nigthwish -me, Antti and Johan had some really nice bowling parties with pina coladas and lots of laughters;=)

Antti is a true friend to both me and Johan and we so would love to be there on your BIG day today! But we are there, in spirit, for sure;=) 

So, dear blog readers - help me send Antti and his darling soon to be wife, the biggest HIP HIP HORRAY and BEST OF LUCK and LOTS of LOVE to the both on their wonderful day!



matotu said...

Hi, sweetie!
Send Antti and his darling congrats from me.
Have a wonerful day!

Katharine Rv said...

Hei dear!
I send my deepest congratulations to the sweet couple!
Have a great day sweetie! =*

Unknown said...

Oooh, wish them good luck for me in the future. Hopefully they would last. :)

Dark Queen said...

Congrats for the nice couple :)
Have a great day :D

Unknown said...

That sweet, Anette! All the happiness in the world for the couple.
Have a nice weekend.

Betty Blue said...

Hey dear!
Send Antti and his wife my congratulations and all the best of luck, I wish them a great day and a great time together!
Love, Betty

MM said...

Hello, Nettie! Send to them my BIG congratulations! I wish them lots of love, health and happiness! I'm really happy for them! I'm sure it will be a great family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Antti and his partner! :-)

Both of you have a wonderful day! :-)

Kaoru said...

Congratulations to Antti!! As a Nightwish fan, he's almost another member in the band for me too, so I wish him all the happiness in the world.

Rebel said...

That's so sweet Anette.
Antti i'm wishing you all the best and for your wife too :) I hope you will be together to the end of the world and one day after. :) HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi dear, send big Congrats to Antti, I wish them much much love and happiness and good luck in their future life :-) be happy! ♥
have a nice day Anette :-)

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
I wish your friends a lot happy in their new way :)
Today we have very sunny day, at last :D I really don't like a winter, and I can't wait for spring.
How are You sweetie? For sure You can't wait for your a little baby :) I wish you all sunny days :)

saskia said...

My best wishes to them. Enjoy this day and all best for your future!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations to them both!

And i hope you are well, I love reading your blog it always makes me so happy :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

And a big Hurray and best wishes to both of them :). Really a pity that you can´t go there and celebrate with them.

Messages like this sometimes make me kinda depressed, which sounds weird, because this is something beautiful of course. But my problem is, I´m in the state of not having many really good friends. I honestly have just one really good friend in the same place where I live. I don´t know what the problem exactly is. So many people who know me well, mostly friends of my parents or so, so people who are older than me, always say that I´m such a great and adorable person. But boys or girls in my age seem to often have problems with me, with how I am and I don´t know why. I´m always friendly, I´m no Show-Off, I don´t bully anyone. But in some way I seem to be to "different" from all the others, because hardly nobody is asking me for hanging around or do something together or so. And the one friend I have will move to Bremen or Hamburgh in one or two years to study.

So, reading about good friendship is sometimes hard for me, because this is something I miss in my life and I often feel alone. Everyone says that friendship is so important and I know that, but I don´t have it. And a life mostly without friends is sometimes really dark.

But I try to be strong and take it easy, whenever it would take me down. And I´m glad to have my family and, last but not least, my dear Anette and her blog :). Thank you for everything!

Have a nice day Anette and please take always good care of yourself. And sorry that I wrote so much, but it was good to tell this to you, someone I trust and I really aprecciate :).


TheDeadUnicorn said...

Good luck!

Betty Blue said...

Pascal: I know how you feel as for I´ve been in the same state. Due to my depression and my ED I pushed away everyone, and when I felt I needed friends there were not many left, and those few kept leaving me. Only my best friend stayed with me through this time.
Now I´ve had the luck of meeting nice people at school. It took eternity to make friends with them, and it´s still few, but good friends. It started with having a smoke together. Then we once or twice went to the city - to get food, to get tobacco, only short walks, but we started talking a bit. And somewhen - over half a year later - I was asked to go out with them. First it was only this one time, but we found that we get along very well, and now we´re really good friends.
I know this doesn´t really help you, but I am sure you will friends, too. Have you ever thought of, I don´t know, just goign out in the evening alone, or do some sports in a club, or whatever? I know it´s so very hard and I wish I really could help you, but it always takes a long time to really find good friends.
I wish you the best and a lot of strength, I am sure it will get better and I am sure you´ll find people who are very similar to you - in a friendly-sort of way, of course <3
Yours, Betty

Karin said...

Antti: Onneksi olkoon ja kaikkea hyvää hääpäivänäsi!
Anette on ihana ihminen , ja hän kirjoitti niin ihanasti sinusta, niin tottakai haluan toivottaa sulle onnea :)

Congratulations to Antti and his wife!

You surely got some nice weather today in Helsinki : a beautiful day!

XxBriannaxX said...

Awww! Too bad you cant go,im sorry. ;-(
I wish dear Antti lots of luck with his marriage and I hope everything goes well on his big day!
Congrats to them!
Big hugs,

Svanhildr said...

For what you tell us of Antti, he must be a really kind and honest guy, and therefore he surely deserves my best wishes and congratulations for this wonderful day :)
It's so sad that you can't be there for him this time, but I'm sure he understands, and that there will be many other occasions when you will be able to share some magical moments all together.

And I don't know if Pascal will read this, but I was touched by what you wrote up here. Keep being strong and never think that you're not a worthy person just because you don't have tons of friends. You wrote that friendship is something so important for you, but real friends are so rare and few :) there are people who have tons of people around, but who find themselves completely alone in bad moments, when real friends are needed. And, for what I can tell you, my best friend who is almost like a sister for me has moved to a place at almost 3000km of distance three years ago. There are not so many occasions in which we're able to meet, but when it happens it's worth any effort. Distance can't ruin a real friendship :)
Sorry if I dared to write you this, and sorry for my English. Good luck with everything and, again, be strong!

Misi said...

Congratulations Antti and his wife, Best wishes!

Elmas said...

That's lovely, I personally don't know much about Antti except for what he does in Nightwish, but he sure sounds like a great guy and a shoulder to lean on during good, and not-so-good times.
If you have the occasion to do it, please congratulate him and his sweetheart in the name of all of us here on the blog. May they live a long, happy life full of love together!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to them both :) You look awesome with a guitar by the way!

Have you seen this funny Amaranth/California Girls mashup? Sounds awkward but I guess it KIND OF works :p

Nalon said...

Hello Antti and his Wife!

I wish you both all the luck of Earth!:)

Enjoy this Day!


rainy said...

Sending LOTS OF LOVE <3

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Good evening Anette,
I'm sorry that you can not take part in the wedding of a great friend for you and Johan :/
But you say that you feel better in a few weeks you will know 2-3 small then your dear little bit :)

I join you to wish to your friend and his wife, you can have happiness in this union, many years near one another and ... enormously joy :)
All my congratulations :)

Océane said...

All my congratulations to the happy couple! May that special day was a perfect and wonderful one for them!

Too bad you couldnt make it, always sad to miss special events when it comes to family and friends! But you had no others choice I guess! Theres no boats or something? At 40 weeks pregnancy maybe you're too tired to travel!
At least you havent see nightwish members, I bet they were invited :/

So lots of happiness to them! And to you and johan too of course!

Love and Hugs

Pascal said...

Hi Anette and all blog readers!

@ Betty Blue and Svanhildr:

Wow! Thank you both for your warm words. Honestly, I didn´t expect any blog reader to comment my comment (haha :)) but it touches me really. It shows that there are people in the world who still care about the others and try to help, even if they don´t know someone personally. I am the same and believe me, for me, it´s normal. But I think there are too less people like that outside there. People who read about the other´s problems and just leave a few words to show those who have problems that the world doesn´t stop its turning. And that we can deal with nearly everything if we give ourselves a chance. That´s what I believe in :).

To your question Betty, well I go out sometimes at the weekend with my friend I told about. It´s always the two of us, since he doesn´t have many friends too, apart from me. Sometimes it happens that others sit down to us and we talk with them, but so far, I didn´t any of those again while going out, so I don´t have any contact to them. I also started with archering just a month or so ago. I wasn´t there in the last weeks because of illness, but I´ll be there again next week. And they seem to have nice people there :). I don´t know for sure yet if I´ll make a contract with the club since the things you need, already as a beginner, are very expensive. But let´s just see how things will turn. Even if I´m sad and depressed sometimes, I know one thing and I never, never stopped believing in this: My time will come. And it will be wunderful :).

Thank you both again and sleep very well :).

And you too, dear Anette, sleep very well and see you tomorrow. I´m glad that you are always here for us :). Even if you don´t answer to our questions, comments which include problems and sorrows or whatever, I know you think about each of us and in your thougts you wish us the best and you never leave us alone :). Thank you for that, you´re just wonderful. And we will never leave you alone, you know that :).

Take good care of yourself now please and see you.


James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Aww it really sucks you cant make the wedding. Wouldn't it be handy if you could just get a friend to take over your pregnancy for you for a couple of days till you get back?...or would that be weird? haha!

Your crew guy Antti sounds like a very good friend. There is nothing more precious than those people you can really rely on.

Congratulations to Antti and his bride to be! And also again to you Anette, for the little one soon to be born! Have a lovely evening. James x

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Antti and the lucky lady!

Antti sounds like a wonderful person and a wonderful friend.

Pascal, are you teenaged, by any chance? I don't mean to ask such a personal question, but teenagers can often be very harsh to one other for no reason at all. It's a hormonal thing. There is NOTHING wrong with you. If older people tell you you're a sweetie, you probably are. So, hang in there, sweetie. It gets better. And if you keep putting out kindness in the world somebody will notice it, and you WILL make wonderful friends. All the best to you.

Unknown said...


I am so sorry that you and Johan are not able to be there with Antti as he celebrates this wonderful event. Thankfully, I am sure that they both understand.

Congratulations Antti and your wife!!! :D

Daxtirsh said...

Wonderful !



Party Poison said...

Hello Anette,
Be sure to give Antti my congratulations! He sounds like a great man!
All my regards,

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I see you were in the forest today, that´s great. I was in the city, since there was a market and the stores were open. The market wasn´t great, almost only trash noone needs like cheap rings and chains, fake clothes and so on. But I bought Resident Evil I as Blu-Ray finally, since I haven´t seen it yet and it wasn´t expensive and everyone says it´s a great movie. If I like it, i´ll watch the other parts too :).

@ Rose Christo:

Hi and thank you :). But I don´t understand what you meen with "are you teenaged?". If you mean to ask if I´m a teenager then no, I´m not. I´m 20 years old.

Take good care of yourself please, Anette :).


July said...

Hey Anette!

Congratulations for Antti and his beautiful bride! please send all my best wishes for they!