Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thanks Mads;=)

I love the song you sent me! Playing it for my little one inside cause it´s like an angel´s voice!

Here all of you can listen to her - Hayley Westanra - Dark Waltz:


Logan said...

Hayley has a wonderful voice :)

Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

Oh, I'm so happy you like the song! She really does have an angelic voice, it's so beautiful :)
She has lots of really great songs - both on YouTube and on Spotify, so I'm sure you can find more with her :)

It's been my favorite song for four years I think, ever since I heard it for the first time. And I have listened to it every day since then, simply because it is so beautiful. I've even learned to play parts of it on piano :D

Enjoy the day, dear!


Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette! I hope that you and your little one are ok :-) this song it´s wonderful!thanks for sharing :-)
Have a nice day!
big hugs from Slovakia

Anastasia said...

Hi,dear Anette. I would like to ask you to appreciate my creations.I created the blogg for my works. I'm not a master, I'm just learn but your opinion is very important for me.
Thanks in advance.

eskoplja said...

Really wonderful song :)
Hayley has a beautiful voice, it remindes me of yours ;)
How are you today? I hope you are ok :)
Wish you a lovely day
Ena :*

Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

Can't wait to get to read your book (I hope it will be translated to English) and I hope you're doing fine with your pregnancy.

I have a question for you:

Are you planning to release your solo songs (Like a Show Inside My Head, Watching Me From Afar and Falling) on MySpace. Like a Show Inside My head is my favourite song at the moment and I can't wait to hear it with high quality. Love your solo songs and I hope that one day you'll release the album.

Have a lovely day and keep doing your thing. You are amazing!

Best wishes,

Antero from Finland

Izabella said...

i love that's really beautiful. i think the little one might like this one too especialy if you will sing it to him/her

AlessandraWilderness said...

Aneeeeeeeeetteeeeee what you've told meeeee you love Hayley!!!! She's my favourite singer besides you *__________* you've made my day!!!! so now you MUST sing with her... XD xD I would die of joy seeing my two angels!!!! By the way I'm curious to hear you singing Gabriel's Oboe and Scaraborough'd be amazing!!

Ola said...

Hi Anette!

Did you already listing a Lindsey Stirling? She is one of the best violinist! She is also dancing and a bit singing but not too much :) If you don't know her music, please try to find some of her songs :)

Have a good evening!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hi dear =)
beautiful voice
Today I met two great Swedish singers.
they are the First Aid Kit. You know?
the vocal harmony is amazing. Although not my favorite style of music, I really liked them.
hope you like

See you later, hugs ♥

July said...

Hey Anette!

I have a time since I don't commented in the blog, because I was ill and that was terrible and very annoying but now here I am =)

I'm very happy for your week 39!! the time is coming up! and I'm sure your baby will be beautiful and very healthy. When I see baby clothes always I remember your little baby, and I say: Ohh my god this will be perfect for her baby! hahaha.

And about the song, it's wonderful, Hayley have a precious voice, her version of Wuthering Heights it's very nice.

Have an incredible evening!!

Lola said...

Hello Dear Anette! Its been years since I hit hit this blog at the last time but so glad to be back and read it again. Especially when it comes to your one news li life now, not only Nightwish updates and discussions.
Speaking about music, I wish you could help me. Once you made a video singing a lullaby in it. It was something about Throll Mother, putting her child to sleep. I love and melody itself and I am a newly mother, so I sing this for my little son. BUT I can't get a word in Swedish so I guess I sound ridiculous. Thanks God my little child doesn't understand it and just enjoys the melody. I looked in Internet trying to find some words but it failed. Could you please write them for me? Thank you so much and have a nicely sunny day out there!!