Monday, March 25, 2013

Still I think...

....Ralf should had won our Eurovision song contest this year;=) I play this LOUD every day;=) Thanks Ralf for giving me a great song to dig!

I LOVE this song! Ralph has really made a great song and he sings really good!

And when it comes to Eurovision I am happy that more and more rock artists dare to enter this, I personally feel that it´s a great thing, at least here in Sweden, to be a part of it, if you want to sell albums at home.

And hey, there was once a Finnish band who nowadays don´t want to be recognized for participating - but they did, as we all know..... 


Océane said...

You're talking about Lordi or nightwish? If its nightwish, i didnt know they dont want to be recognize for their participation :/ I also wonder why!

Lots of love and hugs

Unknown said...

I'm agree with you, Nettie! wonderful song!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I don´t know the song yet, maybe I´ll listen to it :).

You have a song called "Watching me from Afar". The finnish Pagan-Metal band Ensiferum have an album and a song called "From Afar". What is Afar exactly?

Take good care of yourself, please and have a nice day :).


littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
The song is great (I love to listen the music that you share with us).
Have a nice week ! With the baby soon ;-)

Meghan H. said...

Not really related, but thought you might get a laugh from this story :)

Was just looking through your instagram photos, at the one of Nemo sticking his teddy underneath your top and how he's longing to see his little brother/sister, and had the worst timing for the album I've got on, and suddenly heard a baby crying, was a good 'WTF?!' moment haha.

Take care Anette :) xo

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
Do you think about Nightwish? Hmm I think "soda water hit them head".Here is the popular term for someone who flaunt the fame and has to be better than others. I don't say then all of them but... we can't know what is in real ;)
Hugs, big kisses and love for You and your family. Take care and have a nice day :*


Its a great song but heartbreak hotel shouldve won:D

Mágika said...

Pascal, afar means 'far away' :)

Which band were you thinking of, Nettie? :)

eskoplja said...

The song really is great and I am sad that there are not many rock artists that enter Eurovision song contest :/
I hope you are fine :)
Wish you a lovely day

Ena :*

Lucas C said...

Hi Anette, how are you?
I hope you are doing fine :)

Nice song! I don't know much about the Eurovision competition, since I'm from Brazil.
But I am now studying Spanish, and a band that I'm listening to help me with that (always thought that music is great for learning new languages) will be competing this year representing Spain :)

I'd like to talk to you about an iPhone application that I'm using, and I thought you could like it. It's name "1 Second Everyday" and works this way: you record short videos of moments from your day, then select a video in the app and cut it to be 1 second. You do it everyday and then you can put together as much videos as you want. My personal plan for example is to compile a video of my complete 2013.

Many users have posted month videos in Youtube already.

And I thought about you after I saw this video:

It's a Mom that recorded the first months of her baby :D
So since you're having a new baby in a couple of days, I thought it would be a cool suggestion. You can have different timelines and record other things too, like your general life, or Nemo and Seth days :) And you don't have to post on Youtube or anything, just can put the videos together and save in your iPhone and/or computer

Well, that's it. I thought you could like it ^^

All the best for you and your wonderful family!
Take care :)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Mean you LORDI? Lordi won the Eurovision in 2006;)
Anette, you has right the song is awesome, better than the german Song.

I saw your Instagram pic from the morning. That is so sweet from Nemo to give his Teddy to the baby. He is so loving like his parents.

Enjoy this sunny Monday:)


MAN70 said...

Hello Anette, i wish you all the best and good luck for the big day !! I now think that you should delay the whole family, and her two big brothers too.
We are all with you !


Anonymous said...

...hehehe! :-) I know which Finnish band you are speaking of Anette! :-)

Although I thought it was their original singer who didn't want them to be recognized for participating in Eurovision, basically her turning her nose up at it rather than the band :-)

Though as I've never met the band you know better than me Anette :-)

Enjoy the rest of this day my favourite lady viking! :-)

Unknown said...

Tom: Hehe, well, I know that a certain band leader doesn´t feel so happy when their participation comes up;=) Didn´t know about the singer feeling the same though. Take good care!

Vinga said...

Oh I heard song from your link, is really good . I press replay over and over :D

Have a nice day :) :*

July said...

OMG Ralf and his song are amazing! I'm going to play it and sing it all the day. And yes, If you talk about THAT finnish band how to forget ( oh yes they forgot ) their performance.

But anyway, Ralf did he best!

Anonymous said...

I can hear why you like this track Anette :-) It's a great tune! :-)

Though the title of the song 'Bed On Fire' reminds me of the time I was in nursing school ( before I gave it up half way through my final year ) and I was on a theatre placement :-)

I have a little medical horror story to share with everyone :-)

I was down in the plastics theatre and one day we got an elderly woman in her 70's or 80's. One night she'd got very drunk, went to bed, lit a cigarette, fell asleep, and woke up a few minutes later because the bed was on fire. And so was she... :-( She obtained 2nd or 3rd degree burns and was in theatre for a skin graft.

Taaja said...

I was listening to this song constantly every day since you posted for the first time.. I like it very, very much! Too bad he didn't win..

Beatrix said...

I like this song too, thanks for sharing! :)
Do you consider participating some time in the future? :)
I knew NW is not super proud of their participation, but still wonder why.. I think they did not qualify for the international contest.. can the reason be that simple?

Beatrix said...

Just one more word on Ralf's song: too short!!! I have to click on the reply button every 3 mins! :-D I must check out his other songs.
Oh, by the way, my local favourite was a rock/metal song as well, but it did not make it to Malmö either. :-/

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello dear
Bed on fire is a really good song
In eurovision, I liked the piano on fire. =)
and oh, I think I know this Finnish band. may belong to someone who uses a magic topper hahaha
but I did not know they did not like to be recognized for it. They lost? It was a good presentation, and eurovision is not a program to be ashamed to participate. Hmmm maybe by the fame they have today.
hey, here is you and Ralf, right?
I love Dance with somebody. You did a great job singing this song =)
Hugs ♥


Unknown said...

Mathews; yeah, they won the audiences votes but lost since the jury didn´t give them the highest points. Entering this competition, you need to think that it´s not to win but to be a part of it and get PR, nothing else, cause no one ever knows how people vote in the end;=)
And yes, it´s me and Ralph=) He was quite nervous and you can hear it, but we had fun!

Unknown said...

Beatrix; I so agree! To short! But that´s just because it´s an Eurovision song and they can only last around 3 minutes.
I can absolutely participate in Eurovision, its a good PR thing in Sweden.
And well, I guess some artists feel like that after Eurovision and of course if they do not win especially=)
Take care!

Unknown said...

Tom: Oh my God! What a horrible story=( Since I want to be become a nurse I guess I will see some horrible things too. Take care!

Anonymous said...

You won't believe some of the strories you'll hear about how various people end up in hospital :-)

Another little story I've got from my time in the theatre concerns a burgular who actually jumped through a window while he was running away from the police :-) As a result he sustained huge deep lacerations down the inner sides of both legs and needed surgery for some reason concerning that :-)

If you want to become a nurse Anette may I suggest you work as an assistant in nursing for 6 months or 1 year before you enroll on a nurse training programme :-) This will give you a very good insight as to what to expect if you're a nurse as you'll see firsthand what the nurses do and what they have to put up with :-)

But be an assistant in nursing on a hospital ward rather than a nursing home :-) You'll learn so much about nursing on a ward :-) You won't learn in a nursing home :-) You could perhaps see if there is any assistant in nursing jobs in Helsingborg hospital :-)

You'll also need to be able to read and write PROPERLY as there is a hell of a lot of paperwork. I discontinued myself in my 3rd and final year of nurse training because I'm slow at reading and writing due to my dsylexia type. I wouldn't of been able to keep up properly.

You'll be a great nurse Anette!
:-) If I'm ever in Sweden and need to be hospitalized I want you to look after me! :-)

Take care! :-)