Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Starting this snowy day...

....with some writing on my book. I must say that snow was the last thing I thought I´d see when I woke up! And it´s coming down a lot so well, I guess I need to get a warmer overall for my coming baby....

But well, no complaints, I´ll do some writing and some more coffee.

ENJOY your day now!!


Océane said...

Yeah too bad :(

But youre writing the book in swedish?!
Please tell me its going to be translate in english!! :(

Enjoy your day as much as possible!
Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

When I finished work 2 mornings ago I noticed that the weather had attempted to snow.

I've always reckoned it's due to the environment being so badly damaged that our seasons are now starting to be re-arranged in a different order, back to front, etc.

Hope you have a good creative day writing your book Anette :-) If you get bored of that you could always go outside and make a snowman! :-)

Despite the snow have a nice day Anette! :-)

Unknown said...

Océane; Hey! I can´t write my book in any other language, since its so much harder to get the correct tone of it, so it will be translated to other languages when given out.

Meghan H. said...

HHmmm look forward to seeing your writing :)

I hope you have a really nice day and stay warm ;)
To be frank, my night's been rubbish, I've been sick, almost keeled over in the bathroom with the worst stomach aches I've had in years! :(
But tomorrow I go on a little holiday, go to Melbourne, than get a plane to Mackay to see KISS, Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy on Saturday night with 2 of my best friends, cannot wait!

Take care Nettie xoxo

Unknown said...

It's only March, so snow shouldn't really surprise us... But yay, let's hope it'll be spring soon! Happy writing Anette! Very curious as to what you have to tell. x

Unknown said...

Wish i could read swedish :(
Enjoy your day

Océane said...

Yeah i can understand its harder even if your bilingual. It could be hard to put words on some emotions or situation in an other language than out native.
But im relief its going to be translated! Puh!

Thanks for your answer dear!
Love and Hugs

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

With us, the snow melts back already. The snow has caused a lot of chaos.

Ah! I see a german Word! Only I do not know if it also has the same meaning as in German.:/

I have no problem that you write in your mother tongue.;)
I write my poems and short stories in my native language and then translate it. With you that makes luckily another.

Will your book be released in Germany?

Hot tea and a warm foot bath also helps against the cold when you;) writes.

Enjoy your day.

reub2000 said...

When you get this translated into English I'll be sure to take a look.

Last time it was snowing really hard, I just grabbed a blanket and my nook and read while watching the beautiful snow falling. The best thing to drink on a cold day is bourbon. Wild Turkey 101 is good.

Started writing something of my own. Not sure what it will be, not sure if it will ever be finished. Oh Well.

FAQing Amazing said...

someone PLEASE for god's sake translate that!

Unknown said...


I'm sorry for you that is snow. Here in the Czech Republic there is no snow at all ... This is again one winter ... without snow just does not cut it! : (: D I have a few questions which I would have done an incredible joy if you answered :);) So, firstly:

Do you think that your book gets to the Czech Republic? After the case, do you think it will be possible to book online in the Czech language? :)

And second: I'm sorry to pull out again, but ... I know that I maybe Annoying, so I apologize in advance: (. What do you think of the new Nightwish with Floor?

Thanks in advance. :)

XxBriannaxX said...

Aw so sorry to hear about the snow! Thats no good,im longing for warm weather! No more snooooow! ;-) will the book come to America?

Unknown said...
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Karin said...

I am so waiting for your book! I read what you have written and it looks good, and I want to read more :)

Taaja said...

It's great to see this progress.. :)

Beatrix said...

I wish I could understand a word! :)
Can't wait for that book to be released! :)

So far we have grey and rainy weather, but for the weekend they forecast snow here as well... :-/
I want my spring back, Now!! Haha :D

Dalma said...

Though you said that your book will be translated, I hope it'll be available in Swedish, too.
I understand this little part more or less and then it'd be a good way to practise. =)

And don't hate winter and snow. They are the best! =)

Now sleep well,

FAQing Amazing said...

Dear Anette, I really hope you sell your book on internet! Like an e-book, for Kindles!!! I would soooo pay for it because I think it's almost impossible that it gets to Chile (here :( )

Dame said...

Hi Anette, I love your voice, I love the extract of the song that you've posted a month ago.

I see that you've shown an extract of your future book, do you plan to translate the book en english as you have worldwide fans ?

Have a nice day

AlessandraWilderness said...

Nettie!! I want your book in swedish because I'm studying it at university and my friends and I (we're 45 students) need to learn more and more reading having a book af yours would be sooo cool!! =) A thing that I want to say to you is that - I mentioned it - we've started a swedish course at university (we didn't had one before) and the Swedish Embassy was so glad about this that last week a swedish ambassador in Italy came to Bari (southern Italy, where I study) from Rome to meet us (that day she was talking in Italian to us anyway) now we have started this project linked to Sweden, and this is a great satisfaction!! I send you the link of the article on the Embassy Newspaper, I've selected swedish as language, because the original one is in italian! I wanted to share this event with you my dear!! I'm so happy =) have a nice day!!

I am the girl with the red sweater in the first photo, and the taller boy is my brother!

Unknown said...

I wish I could read Swedish, someone translate please!