Monday, March 11, 2013

Saturday outfit

Hi all,

Here´s my outfit from saturday. Sunny weather so sunglasses on and a new top from Religion that will be great when I start nursing my baby=) Scarf from H&M and my glasses are from Miu Miu.

Today we´re gonna do lots of errands like IKEA and so on, to get those last things for the baby we need. 

ENJOY your day!


Unknown said...

amazing style, dear! you have to be a stylist))

Philippa said...

Hej Anette, love your outfit! Are those your skull leggings? Good luck with the shopping trip, hope you'll be able to find everything you need. Hugs!

Serafim said...

Love your outfit very much, dear! =)

Enjoy your day and good luck with shopping ;=)

Lina said...

You look so chic! Very New York City! My birthday is March 22... I wonder if the baby will be born that day too?

Laetitia L said...

Rock'n'roll ! :D I luv it ! Have a nice day my dear <3

C. said...

Hello Anette!

Nice look! And your lipstick is gorgeous! Can I ask what it is?

Have a nice day!


Cleo said...

Those sunglasses are unbelievable I really want the same!! I also love skulls earings! Nettie you are a daily inspiration for me!

XxBriannaxX said...

Ooh very cute outfit I love it. Especially those cute sunglasses. Hehe I love them on you. ;-) and yea that shirt will come in handy for nursing the baby! Enjoy your day! Hugs

Unknown said...

Your sunglasses are so cute ;-) I like it! And the top is cool ;-)
I like your style!
Have a great day!
Love and hugs ;)

MM said...

Hi, my dear! You look awesome! You really have to be an awesome stylist!
Hugs and kisses =)

Taaja said...

I love those skull leggings.. where did you bought them? :)

Have a nice evening!

MusicOfTheNight said...

Hi, Anette!
You look amazing and your stile is just awesome!
May I ask you something?
I was wondering...when you are in late pragnancy, maybe you've taken a rest in singing, or are you still practicing?
Did you stop singing through all your pragnancies or is it something that depends on the mood, health or so on?
I really like you as a singer, and you are a big inspiration for me, since I sing also, so that's why I am asking this kind of questions. I'm still not a mom, but I hope I will be some day (when the right time for me comes, hehe), so any info of this kind would be useful for me.
Thank you for reading this.
And I am sure that everything will be just fine and we will learn the baby's name in a few weeks. Have you thought about names? I sense that you will have a little girl this time.
Many, many hugs and best wishes

Aleksandra said...

You look like WILLY WONKA!