Saturday, March 23, 2013

Butt down boy/girl

Well, good morning and a very lovely saturday to you all;=)

Sun is shining but it´s COLD outside! 

Minus 6 degrees and well, I hope the sun can warm it up a bit more!

Where is spring????? Easter is coming and I don´t want snow and cold then, I want 15 degrees and sun and sitting in the forest having a barbecue;=) Is that to much for wish for????;=)

About my little one inside, our new miracle, he/she is sitting down since week 20 and have decided to stay in that position, so it feels good that we, this time, have a planned c-section booked. Cause here they do not want to deliver babies with their butts down.

Now I´m thinking: maybe this baby need to be called "butt boy" or "butt girl" instead of the name we have decided on already?

I guess it´s a very special person inside and in just some days we´ll meet him/her!

Time sure flies!!!

ENJOY this wonderful day now;=)


eskoplja said...

Time flies so fast! I am sure the little one can hardly wait to see his/her mommy :)
Minus 6 degrees, now that's cold...brrrr
It's a bit cold here, in Croatia, but the sun is up :)
Wish you a lovely day. I hope you are ok
Take care

Ena :*

Dark Queen said...

Good morning Anette!
Here is a biy colder than yesterday. We have about 10 degrees, but the sky is cloudy today. I still prefer yerterday's sun :D
Oh, sweet little angel :) Maybe he/she loves that position with the litte head near the mummy's heart :)
Ejoy the day you too

XxBriannaxX said...

Haha butt boy... that made me giggle!
I hope the weather gets nice and warm there,and
I hope everything in life is going great for you.
I cant wait to find out his/her gender and name!
Enjoy your day,beautiful.
Unfortunately,I am at the hospital,due to a very bad migraine. ;-(
Big hugs to you.

Vinga said...

Hi my Dear Nettie,
I hope so you feel good.Do you have a term c-section and do you scared? I don't know what is have this, I born my princess "force of nature" ;) Outside we have a little sun but temp. is still on minus degrees :( I hate this ,in this year we don't we'll have a beautiful Easter.

Betty Blue said...

Good morning!
Oh yes, "global warming" and so on... Global warming indeed, it´s so friggin cold! I mean, I know that it´s because of the ice on the poles melting away, but that´s no reason to call it "warming". I really crave for spring.
How do you celebrate easter with your kids? I don´t know anything about Swedish easter traditions. Do you also hide eggs and sweets for your kids to seek? Or do you do something completely different?
Have a nice day!
Love, Betty

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
I hope that your request you will get good quickly!
A cesarean! I hope everything goes well!
You just little more than a few days! You really need to be very exciting!!
Enjoy you're day !!

Océane said...

Wish you all the best with the new one! I guess we cant imagine how excited you are!!! :)
D-4 ! :)

Here spring is definitely here for good, yesterday we had +25 degrees! I wish I could send you few degrees.

Oh and before I forget, once the baby is born and when you'll have some time, will you do the PO box? :)

Have a very good day!
Love you & Hugs

Beatrix said...

Haha, I am sure you found a much nicer name for the little one!! :)
What if she/he had turned? Would it be still a c-section?
I hope the nice sunny weather arrives very soon so that you can take the baby outside and enjoy Spring!
Enjoy your day!

Helminen said...

How times flies by! Really! Let everything be fine with the birth of your dear child and with you!!

Lots of love,

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette, I hope it is not too difficult for you at the end of pregnancy.
Courage the baby will soon !
Big hugs to you, your children and Johan.

Emmmanuel (a french fan)

Lucinda said...

Well, if you want your baby to be bullied all his/her life, than you should call him/her that, haha !

I can't wait to know if it's a boy or a girl (I think it's a girl, though...) and also to know the (serious) name you chose for him / her =)

Unknown said...

Oh wow I'm so super excited that it's only a few days till you get to meet your baby! it feels like i'm waiting for a close friend to have a baby, i'm just so happy for you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Best name ever!!!! Hahaha!!!

Karin said...

This ButtBaby seems to be a stubborn one :) "Why should I change my position when its so nice to sit here in my lovely mom's warm and cosy belly " :)
Good luck with these last days of your waiting ! Exciting times for all of you .
I think of you a lot,and send you a hug !
Aaaah, and I can't wait for that day when you reveale the baby's name :)

Unknown said...

Do they let you choose the day for the c-section? In Switzerland, they try to make you have your baby two weeks before the due date in order to avoid contractions to start before the c-section. I guess they might be a little more liberal in Sweden. In any case, very best of luck and fingers crossed for a good birth. :)

Lilys-Garden said...

Anette, i have a question! Is that you're 3rd C-sectio? Perhaps i will get my 2nd c sectio in October. How was it for you, the second c-sectio? Because i'm a litte bit afraid!!;-)
All the best for you and your little baby inside<3


I knew you knew if it was a boybor girl=P

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Butt Boy/ Butt Girl would be really funny. And hey, OF COURSE this little person is someone special... what else, with such a great mum :).

I´m sorry that it´s so cold at your place. We don´t have it warm here neither, but the sun is shining at last.

I already tried to post a comment today in the morning with my smartphone, but it didn´t work. So here are the two questions it included again. I hope you have time to answer, that would make my day :).

1. About your solo Album... I´m really looking forward to it. The thing is, my Style is metal and I know, it won´t be like that. I ´´ buy it nevertheless, but I hope that at least it will also have rocky songs, not only ballads. Is there any hope on that? :).

2. I totally like your song "Like a show inside my head", which I have heard in the video of your life performance in... err... november or so. Is it possible to download this song anywhere legally, with paying? Cause then I ´d do this.

Take good care of yourself now please and enjoy the day :). I´m so happy for you and your luck :).


dorak said...

Happy saturday!

First of all, thank you for that Chicy website you shared with us, I found lots of nice clothes.
I usually don't order anything from webstores but these are irresistable.

You having wedding plans? ^-^

Spring is late here in Finland too.
Luckily the sun is shining almost all the time. Today we went to Zoo, the bears had already woken up so the spring must be here anytime. The teddies were playing in the snow, so cute. :)
All the lions and tigers were sleeping outside, too, enjoying the sun regardless of the -7 degrees. They were like domestic cats that find the sunniest spot at home to take a nap. ;)

Now this is a silly question. How does the planned c-section work? Do you plan the "birth date" in advance or wait 'till the delivery starts on it's own or how is it? :)

All the strength and happiness to your family!

Cleo said...

I wish you the best for your last days of pregnancy! The time flies as you say! In few days the new little butt baby will meet his/her dear mommy!

Unknown said...

Dorak: Hi and thanks for your question;=) My two first pregnancies have started with normal delivery but then ended in emergency c-sections. This time I have a day and a time to be at the hospital, but if I get labour pains beforehand it will still be a c-section, but then a so called "emergency" one again. Take care!

Unknown said...

Brianna; Hi! I am so sorry to hear you are at the hospital;=( I so know the pains of migraine and I send you lots of comforting hugs!

Vinga; Hi! I have gotten emergency c-sections with both Seth and Nemo so this is my third and I am a bit worried since it, this time, is a planned one, which means I go there on a certain date, without any contractions beforehand probably and then ta-da, a baby comes out. And of course, as with any surgery I am worried about complications, but I know the doctors are so good so I rely on them;=)

Unknown said...

Betty; Hi! Here in Sweden we buy eggs that we fill with gifts and candy for our kids. We also paint boiled eggs for easter and in some houses they do even more things but for us, since the baby is coming this week, I guess it wont be to much Easter activities;=)

Océane: I have fixed the PO Box, just need to go and sign a contract for it, so when the baby is out I´ll fix it;=)

Beatrix; Hi! Yes, it would due to me having had my two other sons born that way. Then they do not risk any problems such as uterus tearing and so on and you get a c-section automatically.

Lucinda; Hehe, yeah, guess it wont be any of those two names;=)

Karin; yeah, I guess my body is shaped so that its more comfortable, since Nemo also sat like that until the last week;=)

Ella; Hi! Yeah, they give you a date approximately 1 week beforehand, but for me, since its my third baby and I have babies that like to stay inside, they gave me a late date. Better for the baby to stay inside and I feel the same;=)

Lilys: Hi! And congrats to your 2nd pregnancy;=) Well, I have tried to get both boys out the natural way but Seth got stuck with his head in my pelvis and with Nemo I didn´t open as much as needed, so both were emergency c-sections and it´s a bit different than when having a planned one. I felt both c-sections to be good and I healed quickly afterwards. I would of course prefer to give birth naturally and is a bit sad of that, but I seem to just not be able to get them out. This time it feels a bit weird to go there in the morning, without any pain and then bom! a baby is out... but the most important thing is that the baby is ok so I try and think positive;=) Good luck!

Unknown said...

Nightwishaholic: Yeah, we do;=)

Pascal; Hi! There are no plans yet for my solo album so we have to wait and see when the time comes for it if it will be with any metal songs on it or not. Take care!

Dorak,. Hi! Glad you liked Chicy. I love their clothes and think they have different clothes than many other sites;=)
The c-section, when being planned as this one is, you get a date and go there in the early morning and then if there´s no emergency surgeries you mostly get your baby out around 9 or 10 in the morning;=) Then you need to stay in the hospital for some more days but I hope to be at home after 2 days. Wish me luck;=)

Lilys-Garden said...

Thank you for your answer Anette and for your congrats:))
My first child Lily got also stuck with her head in my pelvis. I think with the Baby now, it could be the same. We'll see.
I have the same opinion as you, the most important thing ist, that all will go fine with you and the baby.
Thank god, that today a c-sectio is so professional. Good luck for your sectio, and a wonderful and magical time afterwards.:))

Océane said...

Yeah! Great news about the PO box! Thanks a lot! So i can send you the gifts :)

And yeah its strange to go at the hospital without any pain and bam : hey baby!!!!
Never heard that before :)
But it must be nice not to have any pain, isnt it?

And I wish you good luck with all of it! You'll be both perfect :)

Love and Hugs

Taaja said...

Time really does fly fast.. :)

I can't wait to hear if it's boy or a girl and his/her name:)

I also want that Spring will become more warmer and no more snow..

Have a nice day!

saskia said...

I was also born with a c section , but my birth was a bit more complicated. My mother told me that she had contractions but than they disapeared, also I got cardiac arrhythmia and there was the danger that I got to less oxygen while the birth, and that my heard would stop beating because it beated very fast and the danger was that it get week and stop beating. Thats why birth was a c-section.
My mother always told me that it is better to get a child the natural way, like she did at the birth of my big sister, but we dont know if I would live, or live without disabelties when I were born the natural way.
I think c-section is sometimes better than having too much risks while a natural birth
Anyway I wish all the best for the birth, and I can understand that it is kind of weird to got to the hospital in the morning and after a while the baby is in your arm , without any pain

Hugs to you and your family

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
I think the Spring wait for your Baby too;) The Spring want to know its your Baby a little Boy or girl.

I wish for you a natural birth, But i have read about your birth of your two boys. And make sure, if you planned a c-section.:)
All my good wishes goes to you for this day´s.
Johan will be there? To see your little angel too?

Enjoy the time with your Baby, the big boys and Johan before you start your career;).

No worries now:). The spring is coming!


Beatrix said...

Thanks for yor reply, Anette! :)
After having delivered my son the natural way with 4610 gramm and 5 mins contractions for 12 hours I feel kind of cheated. It should have been a c-section! :-/ I am happy that they are clever enough there not to risk the natural way in your case especially after 2 c-sections already. You know voices sometimes are so loud about natural delivery above all... but I do think safety is the most important!
I keep my fingers crossed for you to have a smooth surgery and quick recovery!
What is the recomendation in Sweden? How long do you breast feed?

Unknown said...

Dear Anette,

Sounds like you are being looked after well by everyone.

You are writing that you tend to carry your children rather too long than too short. When I was pregnant, it was quite the opposite. From week 28, I kept getting serious contractions, so I had to spend three months sitting and lying down. Every day I told this baby to stay in yet another day please. It was such a tense time, but in the end he arrived only two weeks early (and once the birth had started, he was there within a couple of hours). I am very happy that he's alright and that we both managed to get through these long weeks of worry.

I am writing all this because you played quite a role during that time. The first song I ever heard by Nightwish was "Amaranth" and what a happy moment that was! I had found what I had been looking for a very long time. I put the music on when it got tough, and I had your voice in my ears every day during these months. It carried me through all the fears.

And though of course you never knew it, your support continued during the difficult first year. There was very little help, sleepless nights... Then Nightwish came to our town and I was lucky to find a babysitter for that evening. I only had a couple of hours off, so I get to the venue just in time. When I entered the concert hall, the curtain fell and Storytime was blowing all the sleepless nights, all the worries away. That moment, something inside me switched to "positive" again. Nobody had any idea what that concert meant to me. So thank you for doing what you did and do, and for being an inspiration. You are a top woman, totally yourself and many could be better people if they were a little bit more like you.

All the best for the birth of your child and to all of you.


I knew you did!! I think your having a son!!! You let it slip when you said my other two sons

Joellen said...

Butt down, aye? Two thoughts come to mind. 1. Your child will be very decisive and stick to decisions come hell or high water. or 2. Your child will be very contemplative and as my friend says, when given a decision to consider, "I will sit on this rock until it is warm and then you will have my decision." Best wishes to you! Coming into the home stretch now! Take care! :)