Friday, November 20, 2015

Todays morning cardio (with videos and instructions)

Hi all and HAPPY FRIDAY!

So, I am home with ill children again but Johan is coming to take over soon since I need to go and study with my girlies for our science paper so I did a fast morning cardio tabata style and recorded better videos for you since its better light=)

My clothes; sport bra from ALEXANDER WANG by H&M, pants from SIX DEUCE and shoes from VIBRAM!

Tabata style means that you download a tabata app, for example HIT2 or similar. They need to have so that you can do 20 seconds of work then 10 seconds of rest and for 8 times.

You do every exercise (like burpees) for a whole tabata which is 20 seconds x 8 times!

5 exercises in total and that is 20 minutes! I do this before breakfast and I recommend that to you too cause burpees stand for burp as in throwing up=)


First exercise is jump up and down on something a bit higher. 

Second exercise is burpees, as I´ve shown before easy mode or this one that is hard mode!

3 rd exercise is jumpin ´ jacks

4 the exercise is running on the spot

And finally the 5th exercise is jump rope -either single jumps or double jumps


Arianna said...

Good morning and happy friday to you Anette!
What's happened to the children? Take care of them!



Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you also my favourite lady Viking! :-)

A lição de hoje... said...

Great post Anette

A lição de hoje... said...

Hi Anette as I (try to) told you on Instagram I've follow you example since last week, about having a healty alimentation and doing Exercises
Well I ve lost 4 pounds but the great is to feel it in clothes.. But in dont want to be skinny, I want to fit well, but the priority is to be healty as you recommend!
Thank you so much for the motivation posts! In soo happy!