Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some cardio exercise videos for you today

So, finally some home made workout videos are done and these WO below are great to do in your cardio session. Me and Johan use the tabata app called HIT2 but any tabata app works! It need to be 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for 8 times and we do this for 20 minutes which means 5 of these whole tabatas. One tabata session is 4 minutes.

U can do anything for this but think about that interval exercise should be HARD and you need to get the pulse up and get sweaty but YOU choose the level yourself depending on how fit you are.

My WO yesterday consisted of:

1st tabata - running on the spot with kicks to the butt

2nd tabata - jumpin´ jacks

3rd tabata - step up and down on high couch end (see video below and if you want to jump real box jumps watch Johan´s video)

4rd tabata - burpees (I do the hard version with a push up in but you can do the easy one, your choice, see my video below)

5th tabata - jump rope

Videos are a bit dark sorry about that but recorded in the evening

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Anonymous said...

Surprisingly inspirational exercise videos my favourite lady Viking! :-)

I'm tentatively eager to have a try although as you can imagine I have to be soooooooo careful due to my chronic left-sided inguinal hernia pain. Despite experiencing a sudden drastic improvement back in August, even though it's not quite as bad as it was, it still feels abnormal. However, I'm pleased to report that only during the past couple of days I've experienced another small improvment. Not quite as big as the one back in August, but as they say in Tesco land 'every little helps' :-) It's a trend I'm eager to continue though right now I don't wish to comment further on the subject as I really don't want to temp fate.

So, having said all that, and taking into account my inguinal hernia problem, should I decide to do it then the exercise that would suit me at this point in time Anette would definately be the second video where you're doing the couch steps :-) The other two exercises look more extreme and would be unsuitable for me at this stage.

I bid you good evening my favourite lady Viking! :-)