Monday, November 02, 2015

Breakfast extra yum!

Who doesn't love pancakes? I do but I don't eat the regular ones so I do protein pancakes and add quark, chocolate/nutella without added sugar and mashed banana! 

So healthy and YUMMIE!!!

Happy monday! 

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Anette! :-)

The best pancakes that I remember ever eating were when I visited Prague back in April 2013 :-)

I was killing some time during the morning of the day I was due to fly home, so a few hours or so before I checked myself out of the Holiday Inn, I decided to take a leisurely stroll around the area of where I'd been staying. So I visited the Vysehrad Cemetery, where I'd been informed by the Holiday Inn staff was the burial ground of quite a few famous Czech composers & writers, Bedrich Smetana amongst them ( Franz Kafka, who lived and worked for a while at no.42 in the Golden Lane, might also now reside in this cemetery. I can't remember properly ). Anyway, after my jaunt in the Vysehrad Cemetery visiting departed Czech composers & writers, I happened to stumble across a very nice pleasant looking park which had an equally very nice pleasent looking cafe seemingly slap bang in the middle of it. Feeling ravenous ( even by Holiday Inn standards the prices of food & drink are actually very pricey. I only ever ate breakfast there once and I seriously think it would eat up most of your Czech Krona holiday money if you dined here all the time. After that one breakfast I always ate elsewhere ) and after a bit of deliberating to myself as to what to order from the menu, for my breakfast I decided to plump for some pancakes that came accompanied by strawberries & cream. I seriously wasn't expecting anything spectacular from a pleasent looking cafe in the middle of a pleasent looking park so you can imagine how shocked I was when my order arrived. The girl who served me had done an amazing job as they looked totally out of this world and they tasted amazing. Much better and cheaper than anything food-esque at the rip-off, sub-standard Holiday Inn or anywhere else I'd eaten during my stay in Prague. They seriously were the best pancakes I can remember eating. In fact, they were so good that I actually regard the pancakes as one of the highlights of my trip to Prague, obviously alongside the other great thing's I did in Prague such as visit Golden Lane, Vysehrad Cemetery, Old Town Square, The Astronomical Clock, Wesceslas Square, and my Tarja Turunen Beauty & The Beat gig from the night before ( I almost got to be on the DVD. When I was ordering my ticket online I originally attempted to puchase a ticket for a seat near the front row for the April 06th performance. However, something went wrong with the transaction and it ended up being cancelled. So instead, I ended up with a ticket near the front row for the performance on the following evening on April 07th. I later learned that one of these dates was going to be filmed for a future Beauty & The Beat DVD. I wondered if it would be for the night I'd be attending on the 07th but they filmed the 06th. So I just missed out. Darn! )

I bid you good day my favourite lady Viking! :-)