Saturday, November 07, 2015


Today I chose a flowery dress with turtle neck combined with a grey cardigan since its quite warm here today with +14 degrees outside=)
And never mind that my hair needs to be colored in the roots making me look bald from behind, I´ll color it tomorrow=)

Now time to go to the studio and do some vocals for Alyson avenue again! Whoop whoop!

Cardigan and bag GINA TRICOT, boots CHLOÉ, dress H&M, stockings from ÅHLÈNS


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

This outfit is really beautiful, just like the last one with the pink touch. Pink yesterday and now blue, and I think all those colours suit you perfectly :).

And this news is exciting and I'm already looking forward to listen to the outcome when the song is out! Alyson Avenue is great, although I don't know their current singer, but some Songs from the time when you were in the band and those are very nice :). I think I already wrote it in here some time, but back in october last year, I was at a Metal Festival where they of course also sell lots of CDs of Metal and rock and there, I found the Omega - Album and bought it. Somehow I still haven't found the time and rest to listen to it, but I think that will happen soon now and then I'll write in here how I liked it :).

Have a great weekend Anette and lots of fun today recording the duet with your old, nice band and I'm already looking forward to listen to it :). Lots of hugs and light!

The One Who Should Die said...

How come your outfits are always perfect <3