Friday, November 13, 2015

Wish list for x-mas

So x-mas is only some weeks aways so time to start thinking of gifts and wish lists and I will publish my favorites every week now and today I start with 3 beautiful dresses that fits for any party and 2 decoration things for home that I would love to have in my own home=)

1. dress from & OTHER STORIES 2 and 3. dresses from MANGO

1. ear rings from LILY AND ROSE, 2 candle from LAVENDETTACLOTHING, blanket from GRANIT


Unknown said...

Hey :D

The dresses look really pretty and the earrings are just so elegant! I also like the two goods for your home, though the blanket is little bit least my own taste hehe

Very well choice for wish list^__^

Have a great friday!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Those things are nice and I am sure that those dresses would suit you perfectly :).

About the question you asked us, whether we believe in friday 13th as a bad day... I Must say no, I don't believe it in general. Of course something really bad can occur on this day, but this can Happen each day and I think when something really bad happens, it was (sad) destiny, in which I do believe in, and not that it happened because of it was that particular day.

However, it's very, very sad and, speaking about this topic also quite cynic what happened right yesterday in Paris. I just read about it after your instagram post and it's sad that this happened and so many people had to die :(. So I want to join sharing my prayers and thoughts to the City and its people. This is a very cruel happening indeed and I feel sad for the people who had to die and those who live on now having lost loved ones :(.

And there is something else I find sad about this, concerning the consequences: Even if that is another issue, but I'm sure that racism and nacism will increase Even more after that! As I read, it were islamistic terrorists responsible for this, extremists, and so many people can't (or don't want?) see a difference between extremists and normal muslims, so as a sad consequence, this will surely feed the Propaganda of nazis and racists and even more people will follow them. Without thinking about that refugees are in fact running from people like exactly those terrorists in Paris.

Sorry for changing the topic a bit, it shouldn't mean that I consider the Situation in Paris less awful or less terrible, I just think it is sad that cruel, extremistic people do something like this and normal, peaceful ones will have to pay for it, receiving more hate they don't deserve.

Well, all of this is really sad and terrible. Despite that I wish you a nice Weekend with your Family Anette and hope you can enjoy it somehow. Lots of hugs and light to you!