Thursday, November 05, 2015


Pascal, a blog reader, asked me if I have a hard time at the moment cause he thought I blog about spirit and church and so on and I believe we all have times in our lives that are a bit of a struggle. Sometimes it´s a HUGE mountain to climb and sometimes its a little BUMP to get over=)

I am 44 years old, I am now a student again, I work extra jobs since being a student doesn't give you any money and I have 3 kids and a husband and friends and exercise every week. The last summer and the last 2 months I´ve been working extra, studying double courses due to me being after in school since I went to Finland and did the TV-show so I have to work harder than my class mates.

Its been hard, I´ve been extremely stressed and it has even gone to that I loose more hair than normal, I feel tired and so on BUT it will be better soon=)

But when times are stress its really important to find the inner YOU, the spirit and to get energy back from good things in life. And now I am going to church more often, I lit candles and study at home when I can, I meet friends for a coffee and talk about this and that, I am with my children more and get energy from their incredible life spirits and I also think about life and how it all will be worth the stress when I am done with school in some years.

So I am FINE, just had a rough time these last months but I am taking it easy now and I will soon be back and energies will be there again=)

Love and light,


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Thank you a lot for writing down all of this and answering me with it! You know, I follow you and the Blog for three years now and in this time I already learned a lot about life and leading it more confidently and positively through following you. And since you are someone I appreciate a lot and look up to, I was really worried you could be in a very bad time with serious Problems and so on, so it feels good to read from you that you are fine :).

And yes, we all have those times in Life where it is harder and more exhausting and difficult. I guess there is really no person in this world who only has good times. And it's understandable that all those things you faced were stressful and still are. But as you say, there will be more energy again. So take all the time you need and use it for spending it with your family and friends, because this can really give us strength :).

I wish you all the energy and positive Spirit there is and thank you for always sharing confidence and positivity :). Have a nice and relaxed evening and lots of hugs and light to you!

litaford said...

Hi Anette! I'm actually a student too, I'm 25, and I thought it was late for me, but I always get motivated by the close ones to me, and now, by reading these words from you, I realize its never late to your dreams come true :). Hugs and greetings from Mexico :D

Unknown said...

Warrior spirit. Not warrior for war, but warrior for life. Kisses for you and your family, my sweethert warrior! :D

Unknown said...

Dear Anette,

your post remind me of something that my boyfriend asked me once. He suggested me to go to church sometimes too, because it may helps me to focus on my inner myself.
I think that must be true. When sitting quiet in a church, the world outside is gone for a short while. Maybe it helps to find an inner peace?

Every one goes through tougher time sometimes. I am not so happy in recent because my boyfriend and me are devided. He is japanese and I am german. It is not always so easy to life together if you have different nationalities.

Anyway, your are really an inspiration to me, because it is just great to know how you manage your life day by day. You stay strong even in hard times and you focus on your goals. Surely, that must be very hard by times. But still you give your best! Thats amazing.

Thanks, for being there for us all who support you :)