Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A throwback look from last spring

Hi all and happy tuesday=)

Sitting in the train on my way home from university and since I haven't had time to take any outfit photos I give you one from last spring that I like and i so miss the hairstyle! A bit bored with this a bit longer hair now and miss the easiness this shorter cut gave. Took me appr. 5 minutes to fix it and well, now it takes longer. As a mother of 3, being a student, having a blog, instagram and more time is short so therefore this cut was super=)

And my leopard blouse from BY MALENE BIRGER is one piece that I´ll never get rid of cause the color make me God damn happy=)

Skirt H&M, leggings Wolford, ear rings DIOR


Unknown said...

love the earring, love the top, love the whole look :)
Sarah x

A lição de hoje... said...

Much Style, pretty look
But I really need to ask you about this nail polish, have a name? Looking so amazing