Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hi my dear ones=)

So, today I am gonna talk about body ideals and to be proud of your own body. 

I am 44 years old, have gotten 3 lovely kids and before my first son I almost never worked out. Long walks, yes, but not a hard workout and no weights. After Seth came I started to work out 6 times a week and go on a very strict diet which led me into an eating disorder. I was so thin, so weak and depressed and when I came out of that I said to myself to never go back! I weighed 48 kilos and could only lie on the couch cause my body was just to thin! Today I weigh 70 kilos and I can play with my children and be a good mother and wife, I so prefer those kilos on me.

It´s hard cause the ideals of today are to be thin as the models, even for older "ladies" as me and also in the workout industry the ideal is to look thin but with lots of muscles.

Not thin but stronger=)

So how do we, women, find a balance of living healthy, eating quite ok, exercising to keep us healthy AND not try to look as the thin models?

Well, it take a lot of work but for me, I have accepted my body almost to 100%. Of course I have days when I find it to big and my clothes sit to tight but that is almost only when I have "that" time of months and am swollen from that.

Other than that I love my body and as you know, I don't always dress it so well (some of my older stage outfits) but I believe we need to learn how to dress our body and sometimes that´s hard. I still don't know it all but I am getting there and I exercise and eat well BUT I also accept that I this is my body and this is how it looks=)

So accept your body and if you want to transform it, do it with exercise and good food BUT don't starve yourself! I was a boring, depressed person when I was ill and only ate an apple a day so don't go that road… its just not worth it!

AND remember: those who look perfect in instagram and so on, spend HOURS of fixing the right angle, put the perfect make up on and erase lots of photos! Here in these photos I have no makeup, no retuch and look as I do. 

Love and light,


A lição de hoje... said...

An inspiration post!! Thanks Anette
I will start today!!

A lição de hoje... said...

An inspiration post!! Thanks Anette
I will start today!!

Penny Dreadful said...

Thank you so much for this post Anette! I've spent the last few years slowly recovering from an eating disorder, and do find it difficult sometimes, but it's when people I admire write such inspirational things that I remember that I need to be strong.
You are beautiful, and remind me that I can be beautiful too.

Thank you, so much.

-Lauren xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Thank you so much for this post, Anette! I've spent the last few year recovering from an eating disorder, and do find it difficult sometimes. But, it's when people I admire write such inspirational things that I remember that I can be strong too.
You remind me that I need to love myself, and keep pushing through.
Thank you, so very much.

-Lauren xx

Unknown said...

Penny dreadful: Hi and thanks for such kind words and I so know your struggle! And probably we´ll have to fight the disease all our lives but as you know, its not a life to long for so I hope you keep staying strong and healthy and work with your mind to keep the demon away. Love and hugs and strength!

Unknown said...

July Ane: thats great to hear!! Love and hugs!

Unknown said...

Awesome post! You are great inspiration for me :)
Have a nice day, Anette

Karin said...

You know; just yesterday I thought to myself how in the hell can I just learn to accept this body ? The body has given birth to two lovely children, it is getting older, and has a life of its own... :) At least I am starting to think so :) It is not so easy to change it anymore.
I saw a photo of myself in a bathing suit, from this summer, and got shocked. Do I look like that?
Since that I changed my diet : I eat as healthy as I can, I don't eat a lot a sugar. The sweets I allow myself is dark chocolate and liqourice.
I eat small portions, and I see that I don't get hungry ( thanks for your recipes, Anette:) )
I started to work out at a gym, park my car a little further away from the store's entrance :), walk the stairs etc....
And I feel great! My stomack is working fine. I got rid of that swollen feeling in the afternoon, and I don't feel "heavy" .
But: haven't got rid of any kilos! Well, maybe 11/2kg... And I've been doing this for months! I really don't understand?
I just wanted so bad to be a little thinner...
I got a wardrobe full of clothes that I want to use, but they have gotten too small...
How can I accept this that I won't change. That this is me? I got my curves, I got big boobs :), sometimes I hate that. And .. sometimes it is ok :)
Ok, my age... Well I am a little bit older than you, so maybe this is an "age-thing" ? :)

This post of yours today helped me in my thoughts. Really! :)

To be a woman on this world is quite different sometimes, when you see these really thin women, wearing clothes which are looking really cool on those bodies. This bikini-fitness- boom, which can be okey, but can also be really bad if it sets a standard to someone that " I want to look like that"

When the most important thing is really to feel good about yourself, doing things you like, love your body ( the hardest part:) ) enjoy life, and hey, find those clothes which makes you feel good about yourself :)

I write wise words here, but can I live up to them myself?! Well, hell yes! I will made this promise here right now. I will continue enjoying my life. I am happy, I am healthy, I like myself and what I do.
My body is my temple :) My body is me, it is mine. And hey: there is only one me in the whole world ! :)

Thanks Anette.

Karin said...

And I forgot: you look so good Anette! Your body is beatiful, because it is you.

And you are doing such excellent work to keep it strong, and looking healthy. You are an excellent example and inspiration for all of us!

Unknown said...

Karin; Its harder to loose weight as we hit 40 and I don't know your age but if you're like me over 40 thats there reason we need to fight even harder to loose kilos. For me, I believe my body doesn't want to loose more weight since I´ve starved myself when being ill and so, it wants to stay where it is=) Guess I have to accept that=) Hugs!

Unknown said...

Hey Anette! Thank you for that great post. I have start to loose kilos with fitness and eating better. I do kettleball training and a lot of sit ups. At the beginning I have hate it, but now I love it and it makes fun. I feel that my body gets stronger and look better. And I feel better! Sometimes it is hard for my. I am a person who love chocolate so it is hard to eat not so much 😉 you know what I mean 😉 but I want stay strong and I want get fitter and stronger 😉 thanks for you insperation. Greetings and hugs too you

Arianna said...

Hi Anette,
as you can see i came back here after a long time. As i coud see in here and in instagram that you very energetic! Great!
I agree with you... we must accept our body and i fortunally i never had problems.

A few time i've gone to walk out with my dog and i felt very god. :D

Have a good evening dear!


Unknown said...

Hey :D

This is a great post! I think you have a great body!Very good defined and looking strong and healthy! I can surely say that it really does not make happy to be just thin. And being thin does not always comes along with being confident. I am quite thin since... always and Im far away of feeling super great and confident :D I am 1,60m and I try since years to gain weight. But often just my legs getting bigger... which often lead me to frustration.
Once in my life I tried gaining weight by eating quite unhealthy. And it worked, but after a while I stopped it, because I think doing it in a unhealthy way is not good. Gaining weight by unhealthy food is in a same way bad like loosing weight through starving.

Accepting the own body is not always easy. Thats true. But I think if we manage to do so, life becomes at some point "easier". It is important that we love our own body and trying to make the best out of us.

Best wishes,

Hayley said...

Hey Anette, thank you so much for your words. It's very sad to hear that you also suffered from an eating disorder.
I was anorexic from age 14 to 17, weighting only 36 kilo (highly dangerous, I nearly died.) After I went to a clinic and gained enough weight there to reach a healthy BMI, I developed bulimia, because I couldn't cope with the kilos I gained. when you've been underweight for such a long time a "healthy" body feels just huge. I was so disgusted by myself.. and the bulimia got worse and worse.. Now, at the age of 20, after 6 years of the hell of an eating disorder, therapy and many different clinics, I've finally started learn to accept my body.. at least I try. It's a very slow progress... and I still fight every day.
Especially when you are confronted by size zero-girls every day.. not just in the media , but literally EVERYWHERE. I think there are way more woman suffering from an eating disorder than we think. Even if it's not visible , even if they are not that tiny.
Another problem is, that eating disorders- especially anorexia- are often being glamorized by the media... like it wouldnt be a big deal to starve yourself to death, but quite admirable to have that much discipline to get that thin.
And that's why it's so IMPORTANT to talk about this topic. I'm very glad you made peace with your body and I admire you for talking so honestly about your problems in public. More women should do that, just to raise awareness.

Unknown said...

Hey Anette, I have an eating disorder and do you have any advice to overcome my eating disorder? Thank you :)