Saturday, November 28, 2015

Todays outfit - finally!

I am so sorry for so bad outfit posting lately but it´s been raining and raining all week and then its not that fun to go outside and take photos and since I depend on good lighting I need good daylight=) Today also was rain all day BUT for 1 hour the rain stopped and I ran down to our yard and took these photos. Need to be fast cause then after one hour it gets DARK and I mean DARK=(

I just so dislike winter time and long for some sun again…

Today a cosy outfit with a lovely knit from my dear friend Efty´s brand SIXTY DAYS. Love the back of this and the color make me so happy!

Jeans PLEASE, silk blouse SECOND FEMALE, boots UGGS, ear rings H&M, nail polish ESSIE


Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like we have the same kind of weather, you and me... a bit depressing. but i have to say, i just love your clothes on these pics!
hugs & love <3

Unknown said...

very very nice!!!!!! now happy happy happy!!!!!!!!beautiful princess!!!

Unknown said...

You should move to Rio, here it is sunny and hot all year round. A living hell. :)