Sunday, November 22, 2015

Colder days are here

Hi all and happy Sunday!

So, winter is here and last night it came SO much snow that we have Winter wonderland here, puh! For me, not liking winter and snow that sucks BUT they say it will melt quite fast so JIPPIE for that!=)

Luckily, Seth loves snow so he took his little brothers and went out playing in the snow this morning when me and Johan did our morning cardio=) Great to have older kids who can help out=)

Before the snow entered our city yesterday we went to IKEA and since it was cold I had to take out my PRADA winter jacket and I believe my UGGS will be used a lot this week since I freeze in everything else=(

Jacket PRADA, jeans DSQUARED2, bag MICHAEL KORS, boots DASIA, knit BIK BOK


Arianna said...

Hi and happy sunday to you Anette!
Winter it's started here too from today. Like you i hate snow, i can't see it anymore since 3 years ago early February it started to snow for 15 day without stop it. What a nightmare!!!

Have a nice sunday!



Anonymous said...

I've always regarded snow as a real paradox my favourite lady Viking :-)

It looks so pretty as it cascades over our villages, towns, cities, whilst covering the most ghastly sights imaginable when it reaches ground level. Plus, it seem to give a magical/enchanting look or feel to everything it covers. Especially when it's Christmas! :-) It really enriches that time of year :-) You're actually very privileged should be lucky enough to enjoy a white Christmas :-) I've always been of the opinion that the snow makes Christmas more magical/enchanting than it already seems - rather an interesing thought, what? Does anyone care to air their theories as to why this is? If so, please let me know :-)

On the over hand though, the snow is a total, utter nightmare and causes complications, carnage, & destruction :-( For instance, when snow makes people stranded, for every person comfortable at home sat in front of a TV & roaring fire, mince pie and glass of sherry to hand, there will be someone stranded at work or somewhere unable to get home. Economy suffers too due to people being made to be late for work, sometimes even preventing people from reaching work. Snow also causes pain and heartache too, because for every fun ride on a sledge down a snow covered slope there are people who have loved-ones injured or killed in accidents involving vehicles that careen off the road and crash down a snow covered hill. Emergency services are put under more pressure and strain than usual due to the liklihood of an increase in accidents due to our roads/pavements becoming slippery. Plus, they now have to work in more treacherous conditions. Mobilization becomes more tricky/difficult also, especially for the elderly or physically impaired. Winter months are cold enough as they are but when snow arrives, the temperature plummets. The elderly being particularly affected by this and vulnerable during this time of year.

So there you have it! :-) Doesn't seem as magical or enchanting now does it? Especially when you get crimson instead of white. Though as I said before, snow is a real paradox :-)

I bid you good evening Anette, my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Unknown said...

I love winter,but here in Rio is always sun, sun, sun, hot, hot, hot. It sucks! :)