Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yesterdays make up

So, winter is here and I feel pale as never before but I also feel that its ok since its winter and having a real tan would look kinda weird so I keep my pale face but instead add more color in my lips and my new favorite brand is H&M cause its cheap but still doesn't look cheap and thats the main thing!

Even if I don't have more than lips in this make-up (no eye shadow) I always mark my eye brows cause they make the face look younger

I use a triple eye brow shadow from MAKE UP STORE and now when being so dark in the hair I use the darkest color but if you have lighter hair use the lighter ones

Then now when it starts to get so cold my face gets dry and a bit red so then I need to use a little more moisturing foundation and this one from MAKE UP FOREVER is perfect! The color is pale and now when I don't have any tanning its perfect

To get some highlights I also use the bottle to the right which is a highlighter in a bottle from MAKE UP STORE and this one I just take a small amount and gently place on top of the cheekbones (where I also place the rouge) and a little bit up towards the side of my forehead. But be careful cause it can look as you are dirty if you take to much!

Then I add my concealer which is from MAKE UP FOREVER and I use this under my eyes, around the nose where I have some redness and a tiny amount on top of my nose too.

Then I add some powder on top and I love mineral powder from BARE MINERALS and I use a color which isn't totally pale but a beige one.

Then I add my new lovely lip color from H&M - orange one - just love orange!

Then some mascara and also using an eye lashes "bender" to get them up a bit and make the eye look more "open". Mascara is at the moment from MAXFACTOR extreme volume but I buy different ones all the time

Some rouge on the cheeks in a pinky color and voila! Done!

Curled my hair inwards with my curler and took some hair pins and placed my fringe upwards since I am growing it longer and it just looks boring hanging down at the moment=) Some hair spray and I always use this "old-women" hair spray as we call it here in Sweden, but its just the best! Not to hard and gives a great hold but without being unable to move around

Nail polish also from H&M


Unknown said...

You look great. My skin is very light and so I need in the winter a very light make up, but it is not easy to find one. And I love it to wear a red lip color. My favourit is the lipstick from loreal lipfinite. It's great to wear. Have a nive evening

Karin said...

That orange suits you so well!

- I read your make-up tips with great interest. I remember when you wrote that you put lipstick under your eyes to cover the blue tone... Well, I tried it , and it was like magic :) I know there are a lot of under-eye concealers and foundations, but this lipstick-thing works so good :)
- I got my eyelash-extensions back ( after the catastrophy this summer, when they all fell off ) . And I am happy, happy... :) I really like having them, and I've never experienced any problems, like allergies or infections.
In school where I work, my lovely small thirdgraders, looked at me the day after I got my lashes, and a couple of girls asked me " Karin, have you put on mascara today" . I just smiled and said : maybe....

-At this time of year, the skin gets a little bit different. It gets quite dry, and I'm every year cursing over my nose. The skin on my nose is so dry, and nothing helps. So it is a little bit red all the time, and shiny, because of the moisturizer I have to use... Really annoying!

Paula Mocca said...


A lição de hoje... said...

I love when u give make up and hair tipes

Unknown said...

This is an amazing Make up, Anette!
It looks perfect on you and I just love this orange lip color! :))) Does this lip color have a good lasting power?

I have very pale skin and it´s not easy to find an suitable Foundation.

Lots of love and hugs to you! B)


Unknown said...

I love this look :)
I'm so glad I found your blog, I love it!
Sarah xx