Monday, November 16, 2015

Autumn and with it comes...

… having ill children all the time… yes, Mio has been ill for some days with fever and "autumn vesicles" or as it´s also called "hand and mouth-disease". They get vesicles in the mouth mainly but it can also be on their hands. Its a virus so nothing dangerous but its very contagious so today I sent them to pres-chool since Mio was better but now when having dinner, Nemo said he was freezing and I touched his forehead and well, 39 degrees and when checking his mouth it was full of vesicles=(

So another day tomorrow at home with ill children and luckily enough I had today to write a lot for my paper to school so I can take care of the small ones tomorrow again=)

Not much to do when kids are ill and autumn and winter is the worst season for illnesses.

Love and light,


Unknown said...


I hope your dear children are going to become better soon! It´s so true... Autumn is the season to get sick easily :(

Take care!

Best wishes,


Unknown said...

I wish health improvements for the boys!