Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Today I´ve had an afternoon filled with mindfulness and for me, mindfulness is about feeding my soul and spirit with good vibes that make me feel happy.

One thing that make my soul happy is to go to church, sit there for a while and just BE - without any interruption from the outer world. I lit a candle for my loved ones that´s no longer with us and today I was lucky enough that there were two great musicians rehearsing on saxophone and piano and it sounded amazing!

Then another thing that is good for my spirit is beautiful flowers so I got white tulips with some green in that now stand here in our home giving us extra power=)

Material things aren't what make the spirit happy but other things like this and when I came home i cleaned our apartment and now I feel so at ease and happy.

And if you haven't checked out my official FACEBOOK go and do that cause I share a bit of a new song I did today=)

Bless you all,

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Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Those are wonderful and impressing pictures of your church visit, and I´m happy you could enjoy it :).

Anette... I don´t know, but I notice that in the last weeks you write often, more than usually, about things like the inner spirit and collecting strength for the harder days and so on... and I appreciate it, because this are topics I consider important and that interest me a lot, but, I don´t know, it also makes me fear that you are unhappy, sad, or in a bad mood at the moment. And I worry about this to be honest, because you are such a special and great person I appreciate a lot and I just don´t want you to feel sad or to have bad times... if it´s really like this, I wish you all the strength there is in the world that it gets better again soon. We all have to face bad times, you are not alone and I believe, and have already experienced, that it´s true when people say that there is sunshine after each rain :). And you SHINE very strong Anette, never ever forget this! And please don´t ever let some stupid haters who just have nothing else to do in their boring lives than offending you and bashing you for no reason put you down. You are stronger than them and no matter what they say, you ARE a great person the way you are and all of us who follow you and appreciate you for your great personality and the nice things you say confirm this :).

Lots of light and hugs and strength to you... and bless YOU, dear Anette and I hope your job interview today went well :). I wish you a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow and hey... the song on your facebook page sounds already very beautiful :).

Hugs and light to you!