Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

Hi all and a happy Friday to you!

Today its Friday 13th and I wonder if you believe it´s a day for bad luck or just a regular Friday? Do you believe in that it could be a bad day?

I don't know cause normally its a regular day for me but of course when I wake up and see the display on my phone that says: Friday 13th of november, well I kinda reflect immediately that its THAT friday…haha!

Well, since Mio is a bit ill with fever we´re staying at home today and I need to study while the kids watch TV and such=)

But a couple of days ago we were out in our back yard and I took these lovely autumn photos of the boys playing around in the sand, making sand cookies for me and such=)

Kids are the best thing in life!

Love and light

Me without any makeup, love to be all "clean" in the face some days!

Nemo´s beanie is made by my mum=) Swedish colors hehe!

My outfit leather pants from PRADA, boots from NOLITA, bag from GINA TRICOT and nail polish from H&M


Unknown said...

Hey, hey...

Yesterday evening I also noticed that friday the 13th is approaching >.< haha
Usually, I try to see that day as a normal day. In addition, bad things can also happen on any other day of the week with any date.

But I guess, it sticks just so much to our mind that this day is not good^^

The pictures are so lovely. I dont have children yet, but it must be the greatest thing in life :D

Wish you and your beloved ones a great start into the weekend!

( Btw, I like your beanie and the one your mom made :3 )


Anonymous said...

I happily dispel the myth of Friday 13th being an unlucky day as total bollocks Anette :-) Curiously though, one is still reluctant to walk under any ladders.

Happy Friday 13th my favourite lady Viking! :-)

The One Who Should Die said...

I believe it's bad luck (though I always have bad luck haha...). I am more aware of situations and more careful around the ones I love.

karone said...

My husband and I got married on Friday November 13, 2009. I should have listened to him that morning and wore flats. I wore small heeled sandals. As we were crossing the street on our way to the courthouse I fell and broke my foot. I thought it was just sprained so we went through with the ceremony. We got lucky that I didn't fall on my son and hurt him. My mom who is a nurse looked at it later that night and told me that she would take me to urgent care the next day. Found out the same time the doctor did that I broke it. The nurse didn't close the door to the exam room I was in. After she told the doctor in his office they closed the door and talked a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

My Friday 13th was great! A friend of mine is staying over with me and we spent the day in a music shop checking out bass stations then visited a cool cafe where you can also buy vinyl records :D