Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yesterdays exercise

Hi all,

Yesterday I did a sweaty work out and this time, instead of tabata, I used the principle of doing 50 reps of each exercise. Hard and I´ll tell you that it will burn;=) Of course you can take short breaks cause doing 50 is a lot!

Here´s the exercises I did:

Backward lunges with kick x 50 reps!

Knee push ups x 50 reps!

Squat side kick x 50 reps!

Shoulder bridge leg lift x 50 rep!



Aleja said...

Hello Anette!

My name it´s Alejandra and I'm from Peru. I´ve been following you since your old blog and I know how you like to exercise.

Since last year I´ve been using the routines from this web page. The owners are really nice and their videos are very good! Let me know if you tried any of them. =)

Geetings from Peru


eskoplja said...

Thanks for the tips :)
50? Now that really sounds hard, but as you say, it helps :)
You look so cute!
Wish you a lovely evening.

Ena :*