Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Todays playlist

Called MOOD:


Taaja said...

I love this song Feed us..
What do you feel or think when listening to yourself singing something? :D

Have a nice day,

Henk said...

nice songs! really like first song, swedish sound just great! hope you'll have a great day

DreamerGirl131 said...

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark haha :D I was listening to that too today! And well about Feed Us, isn't it weird to hear yourself singing? It's an absolutely amazing song though :)
I wish you a good day!

migi said...

hi dear anette, :) i was busy the last weeks so i didn`t commented anything. but i read your blog every day. just saw the post about Maria mena and the bullying thing. it`s not the same but i would like to tell you a short Story. today i had my free day. i decided to do some Shopping. yaaay ;D. my car is still in the Garage. so i had to go go by bus. then i sit there and on the other side there were some students (i guess between 10 and 13 years old) a Girl sit and a Boy stands beside her and hit her with his backpack very hard. the whole Group laughted. i get really angry and said to the Boy " hey, what`s wrong with you?" he answered " shut up! you`re not my mother. so stay out!" i said " no i`m not your mother. but where are your manners?" then he said a few naughty words i won`t repeat. suddenly an older man maybe 60-65 years grap the boy`s arm and yelled at him "sit down and be quiet. you really Need to learn manners!!!" then the Boy was a bit shocked and he really sit and said nothing.
well i asked myself in what a world we live. i really can`t understand this. it hurts me to see things like that. a whole Group agains one Girl.

but there ws also a beautiful Moment on the way back home. i was listen to some Songs from an cd i haven`t heard for Long time. one of the Songs was "heart full of fire" from brother fire tribe. it was a very warm and sunny afternoon and with your voice i get really a summerfeeling. :) well i just wanted to tell you this. you really make me feel happier today. thank you for this. and sorry for bad the english. have a nice evening hope you had a sunny day too. big hugs as always

Pascal said...


Theres something I want to say to your post: It´s really great how you acted, you can be proud of you. Even if the bullies didn´t stop, you at least tried to end their bad doing and that´s worth very much. I think we all should take the courage in such a moment, but not everyone would dare. You did, that´s really great. And luckily the old man helped in the end. Bullying is cruel and I think it will never stop completely. But if everyone of us takes part in preventing it wherever he or she sees it, we can make a big, big step to a more peaceful world :).

migi said...

the Thing is, i know how it feels. when i was in shool i was a victim of bullying too. and nobody helped me. the i said to myself that i will make it better. i will help if someone need help. i was just surprised that some Kids like this Boy don`t stop even if an adult tell him to stop. i mean i`m 25 years, so not a teenie anymore. but he had no respect. when i was 12 or so and an adult would talk to me like i talked to him i would be instantly quiet and ashamed. i just hope the Girl will be strong enough to defend. have a nice evening :)