Thursday, May 16, 2013

Todays music

Today it´s time for a song with me and NW and this is my favourite and the arrangement is better than on the actual Imaginaerum album.
Deeper down:

Enjoy and love to you all;=)


Océane said...

I completely agree with you!! This song is perfect that way. Always gives me tears, and your voice is crystal clear.
And since yesterday its my alarm to wake up! A good way to start the day. Before it was The heart asks pleasure first :)

Have a great day!!
Love & Hugs

Lucinda said...

That's a beautiful one indeed. My favourite is "Sundown", you're faraway voice is so soothing, and the music is even more impressive than in Turn Loose the Mermaids - although I love both.

Aline said...

Waaaaaaaouhhh it's amazing ! I didn't know this song and really love your voice !

Have a good day !

fstorm said...

When I first heard this song a while ago and it got the part where you started singing, the floodgates came rushing out my eyes! It's very beautiful. :) Hope you're doing well Nettiepies!

Unknown said...

When returning to perform, will sing the songs of the NW?

migi said...

hello dear anette, oh this song is so beautiful! I can't wait to see the movie and you in this uncredible red dress. Only two weeks left. Now i can listen again to nightwish without always feeling sad. It's the past and always being sad doesn't change anything. But i will keep every memory every concert in my heart forever. In june i will see the boys again. Maybe this will be hard not feeling sad because you're not there. But if i think about how happy you are with mio now, i try to enjoy the concert. Have a wonderful day. And a big big hug. You are the best.

Kaoru said...

Such a beautiful song, such a flawless movie. <3

rainy said...

Oh my god, yeah! :D
I love it sooo much, your voice sounds great.
I saw the movie like a week ago and when I heard it I just... cried... A lot.
Even though I knew that version of the song.

By the way, have a nice day :)

Betty Blue said...

This song actually is quite nice - although I still think that the movie is just another part in this childish fight about who made the problems in early Nightwish, Tuomas or Tarja. I really had hoped for a good movie, but when I saw it... All this "She started" "He started!" "She was the problem!" "He was the problem!" gets so annoying. It´s actually more annoying than all the fans fighting about who´s better for NW - you or Tarja.
Or maybe I got the movie totally wrong, but to be honest I don´t think so.
Still, I love the dress you wore on the piano. Really hot!
Have a good day!

eskoplja said...

What a song! I really miss your voice. That song you posted is one of my favourites!
Hope you are having a great day. I am finishing my school tomorrow, FINALLY!
Big hugs

Ena :*

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I´m sorry, but I just CAN´T listen to this...

Since you left Nightwish, I can´t listen to any Nightwish music anymore, neither the two albums with you, nor the old ones with Tarja and I won´t listen to anyone of the new stuff with any new singer. I don´t know, it kinda "traumatized" me, even if it sounds weird. But as I told you already, Nightwish was you for me. A few weeks ago I was in a fashion store with my mum since she looked something there and they played "Bye Bye beautiful", it was unbearable to me. I loved the NW music, especially the Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum albums and sometimes I miss the songs which belonged to my all time favorites, like Sahara, Amaranth, Storytime or Turn loos the mermaids, just to name a few examples. But I know that it would hurt if I listened to them and so I can´t, I´m sorry. Mabye one day I can break that bareer, let´s see.

I wish you a very nice day and please take always good care of yourself :)


Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, I totally agree with you, this is the best song from NW and I love this!!! And I´m so happy and proud that this song is sing by yours :-)
Have a nice day!
hugs, Radka

Unknown said... - this is nice, too :-)

ACWL Officiel said...
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Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan.
Oh my God, my eyes are full of tears and my heart is bleeding now as everytime I listen to a NW song with you. How I miss your voice and you presence on the stage. I would be very very sad because they'll be playing in Japan this month, but as you're not there anymore, that's alright =).
I just want to thank you for the beautiful songs and moments with NW and I know you will be on the stage again singing your own songs for us.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

very very cute :33 i miss you so much in nightwish u_u

Karin said...

I enjoyed this so much!! Your voice Anette... So clear, so sensitive, so damn beautiful it made me cry! You have such an amazing gift. You touch people.

Farandra said...

Hi Anette, a really nice song. I can't say if the arrangement is better than on the album, but it's trully beautiful !

Dark Queen said...

Yeah, you're right!!! Is better this and here we can hear your voice :)
Enjoy the evening
Love to you too ♥

Micha said...

I agree with you, too.
I never really liked the original song (beside Arabesque the only "weak" song"). But this version ist beautiful. But to my mind the best song on the soundtrack is "From G to Em". It makes me shiver and gives feelings of melancholy and desolation. It´s perfect

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear !
I saw the movie and I think: beautiful and my favorite moment it's Slow Love Slow you're beautiful in your red dress <3

and the music in the score album really beautiful <3 good job :)


Gemi said...

Hi Anette! I love your voice! :)

What has been your best experience in a stage?

Hugs *.*

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

how are you? Yes that is a great song and I love the movie. Do you miss the boys from NW? Whene you see Marco the next time say him a big thank you and give him a hug from me. He have open my eyes and help me to go the right way without this bad guy which I had. And now I have the right one. We are together 8 mounth now and I love him so much. It is great :-) I'm sure you know what I mean ;-) sleep well and sweet dreams

Misi said...

I have to say, Nightwish reborn,DPP and Imaginaerum are my favorite albums. I never tire of them, and I know I'll be listening to them while I work on my projects this weekend :) Thank you for working so hard and still loving your work despite everything. Much love!

Unknown said...

Wonderful job as always! Can't wait to hear your beautiful voice again! I hope you had a great Mother's Day.
All the best, Jenn

Unknown said...

I love this version, for some reason i never get tired of it (even if i listen to it like 10 times!) hope you have a nice day and that the weather stays warm and sunny for you :-)

~MidnightFairy~ said...

beaaautifull, I have yet to listen to all the soundtrack songs and see the movie. I miss you for Nightwish but glad you are happy now.
love xo

Taaja said...

I agree with you! I also prefer this one than the "original" one. It is more magical.

By the way, I'm always a bit surprised yet happy when I see that you are listening to Nightwish songs or live gigs.. I wouldn't know how to feel if I was in your shoes, but I don't even know a lot of what really happened. I don't want to dig into this, just want to express what I think.

Have a nice day! :)

vesna said...

wow, that's a pretty good arrangement. i love how innocent and pure your voice sound in this song, (and on the other hand in scaretale totaly blew me away your diversity).
looking forward to your solo album, i must say, and i do hope to see you in my country for a concert in near future

Unknown said...

Your voice fits so lovely with this song!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the movie and loved it. My dear Anette I don't care about what anyone says you totally rocked NW, glad I got to see you in the USA. I hope you'll be back one day in music as a solo artist, in a band...whatever, it would be a crime if you weren't. Enjoy your family and life, hope to see you again one day...God Bless!

mimmuli said...

Hi Anette!

This is still one of my all time favourites! (and a ringing tone in my cellphone;) ) But everytime I listen to this, I remember the sadness that filled me in Hartwall arena last November, when I heard you singing this in the movie. But anyway, such a bunch of great memories too. I saw you on stage with NW many times in Finland, but the last ones in Helsinki on 03/2012 and in Ruisrock summer 2012, those i'm so happy about, specially Ruisrock, because who could have known it was the last time you on stage with NW in Finland. By the way, was there some reason, why Turn Loose the Mermaids was never played live? That is something I kept hoping everytime, but it never came :(

Anyway, all the best to you, enjoy the coming summer, even here in Turku the sun is finally shining and it's great!

Hugs, Mia

Rest Calm said...

Hi Anette!
I made a mix of Turn loose the mermaids and Sundown. If you want to hear, is's here