Monday, May 13, 2013

Todays exercise;=)

Hi all,

Todays exercise - tabata with 8 cycles and 3 tabata where you need a mat, a 7 kilo medicine ball and two weights around 4-5 kilos each.

Put your tabata Pro app on 8 cycles and 3 tabata:

First exercise to do is squats with the medicine ball. Here´s a video showing how you do it:

Then the second exercise or tabata is biceps curl and I used 5 kilos on each arm but you use the proper weight for you. Don´t be afraid of taking a little more weight on. Here´s a video of how to do a biceps curl:

And then the last exercise is the plank. I do this almost every time and it´s because it´t such a good one to do after a pregnancy.

So, 8 cycles and these 3 exercises. A good sweat if you do it properly and with enough weight on.



Unknown said...

you know you can swap the medicine ball and bicep curls for kettlebells? the squat can be done with a kettlebell just the same. just grab the horns or, if you want it to be harder, the bell. :)
my exercise, for now, is 5 mile walk with my dog in the meadows. :D

Unknown said...

Debs; Yes, I know that and do that now and then too;=)

Karin said...

Ah okey. Thanks Debs:) I was just about to write and ask about the ball, because I don't have one. But that sounds good!
I have now used the kettlebell for the first time in my life, and it feels good! This is fun !

Unknown said...

Maybe for the next workout? :D
What kettlebell exercises have you found to help with singing (or if there's any that doesn't help)? I've not been singing for long time (my background in music: and I know I need to get my strength back up...but I hate doing planks, crunches.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you have to pay for the app :( Otherwise I already downloaded it!