Friday, May 03, 2013

Spring fresh

Yesterday I got some new decorations for our home and now when spring has arrived I want more colors inside again. Got two lovely white candle holders and matched with fuchsia colored candles. 

 To match this I got this lovely synthetic flower decoration and I love the little butterfly in it. Matched this with the lovely purple owl. I am into an owl mode at the moment and tomorrow I´ll show you more owl stuff I´ve gotten;=)

Since I put these on our dining table I needed to move my Georg Jensen candle holders and the lovely flowers we got from our friends last week. I put them in the hallway and it looks really nice. It´s nice to change around stuff to get a new look now and then.

Then for dinner we did a lovely caprese salad and therefore I bought us a Basil plant and now I´ve put it in the living room and hope we can eat from it for some time now;=) The cute birds is a gift from Johans sister:=)

My outfit´s yesterday and today:

Had my old dear Golden goose shorts yesterday and paired them with an Acne t-shirt I borrowed from Johan´s closet;=) Leggings underneath from American vintage and studded boots from Florentine Baker.

Today I had the fake leather pants from Zara that I wore when I sang in Arenan in november, paired up with a pink t-shirt from Jfour, white blouse from SixtyDays and shoes from Alexander Wang that I got in Helsinki some years ago. Necklace from Marni.


Anonymous said...

You are so beatiful! I'm sorry I can't write often to you :( I haven't got much time nowdays, final tests are going and I'm also scoutleader. So, I'm sorry... But, have a nice weakend, and hugs for you!

Thank you for being so lovely person, dear angel!

Siren said...

One of my friends found this today is it true or just a gossip?

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Anette! Hope you and the boys are doing wonderful! -:)
Lovely decor items you have! Enjoy the spring and all of its colors. Here in Brazil its autumn time and soon,my favorite season,winter! I'm thinking about filling my house with colour and candles too,for winter. Think the whole place will just feel much more cozy-:)
And gorgeous outfits the Alexander Wang shoes! Very pretty!
Oh,and thanks for the follow on Instagram (I'm @vintagebru). Welcome to my page there,I hope you enjoy it and like my pictures on fashion,decor,music and much more.
Wish you a lovely and very blessed weekend with your loved ones.
Take good care!
Love and hugs from Brazil,

Bru :)

Diego Muniz said...

Hey Anette.

It's been a while since I last commented here, but I've always been looking to your posts and I'm really happy that life has been so joyful to you.

I had to come here and post something, cause I was watching some videos of you and I have to say it brought tears to my eyes. I could only see you live once, when you came to Rio de Janeiro and...I was wondering...will we be able to see you performing live again? I mean, not only through the tv, but also performing on a tour or something... it would just be so amazing to see you again!

Hope everything's fine. Best regards to all the boys ( and gosh, you have 4 great ones around you now, don't you? ahaha) and a special hug to you! =D

Unknown said...

you look great, Nettie! love your shoes!

Unknown said...

Love owl and these green cute birds ;-)And I like your outfits!
Enjoy this day!
Love and hugs to you

Taaja said...

I like both outfits except the last shoes.. I couldn't wear them, not my style at all.. but if you like them, OK then, hehe..

Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

ah the basil you can eat now. those top leaves are ready. by picking them you encourage it to grow. also keep ventilated area in summer as the smell, for some people, can be pungent. oh and when you change to a bigger pot it will sulk for a week (looks withered) but will soon cheer up.
as for decorating...i've been looking at getting new stuff for my bedroom. quite fond of the "malm" single bed in black from IKEA. it's a shame i can't get it in a wood as i have a mix of wood furniture in my room. as well as an LED work lamp. i already have some faux mink trows, soft cushions, green vase with a butterfly on..there's still more to get but i'm finally starting to look forward to getting it redecorated.
until then i think i'm going to treat myself to a new incense burner. :)

Pascal said...

@ Siren

I´m sure that´s just a rumor. If it was true, Anette would have announced it already on her blog :).

It could only be that she kept the news as a surprise and someone heard of it by mistake, but we will see. But if it´s true, then "Lost in Life Street" is a good album title I think :).