Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Romantic and blue birds

My latest outfits have been two I really love! My new pants from Zara is just so beautiful print and colors and comfortable. And my dress that´s short in the front and long in the back and floats when I walk in it;=) Love love!

 Pants from Zara, white blouse Gina Tricot

And they are also really nice with some color added.
Pink top Gina Tricot

 Dress Gossip, boots Jimmy Choo


XxBriannaxX said...

You look so beautiful

Anonymous said...

I really love your outfits ;-))
Due to the bad weather here in Belgium I can't wear all my lovely clothes :( I have a new striped pants but I left my boots at my bf's house and he's in Hungary atm :( So I'll have the wait 2 more weeks to wear that..

eskoplja said...

You look so lovely! I like the last outfit the best. Suits you very well :)
The dress is absolutely cute and you look great in it :)
Loving the boots and the bag too.
Hope you are having a lovely day

Ena :*

Anonymous said...

Good morning Anette! :-)

Pink is always a great colour for summertime so The Gina Tricot Pink Top is very summery and would look really good in the sunshine :-) Warm weather included too hopefully :-)

I hope you don't mind me saying this Anette but you look a bit upset in the Gossip dress with Jimmy Choo boots and black jacket photos. I hope all is well with you :-)

I wish you a nice day Anette! :-)
Take good care! :-)

Unknown said...

pretty Anette, you are beautiful

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!
This combination of blue, withe and pink rejoiced!
Bought boots, inspired in you...

Karin said...

Yes! Your clothes look really cool!

Hey Anette, I so have to tell you about a happening we had here in Finland , in the town Espoo( Esbo in Swedish) last weekend.
A lot of the Swedish-speaking schools gathered to a big choir-happening at Barona-Arena in Espoo. The pupils had concerts to eachother on thursday and friday, and then on saturday they had a huge concert. 7500 pupils and teachers gathered together for choirsong at the arena. I am so lucky to work in a school, so I was also there. The theme of the concert was "Schlager" , so we all sang Swedens eurovisionssong-contest songs through the years. From Waterloo, to Satellit, to Främling , Tusen och en Natt and so on:) The grand finale was La Voix, and the vocals was sang by a little boy, about 10 years old. You can imagine .... It was absolutely fantastic! His voice... I get goosebumps when I write this :)
The whole happening was so great, wonderful singers, wonderful feeling when thousands of children sang together and wonderful songs .It was such a happy day!
(We Swedish-speaking people here in Finland are a minority, about 5%. )
I wanted to write you this, I thought it would be interesting for you to know :)

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hi Anette ^ ^
What beautiful clothes, I am a person who loves fashion and you are my inspiration :) You could also work in fashion, in addition to being a singer ^ ^
Kisses ♥
# Isabella - Brazil (Manaus)