Thursday, May 02, 2013


Relaxed outfits that were perfect for last two days walks and fun with the family:

Top from Please
Jeans from MiH (love them;=)

Easy make up in pink and purple shades

Ear ring from Gina Tricot

And from H&M

 The top´s nice sequin´s

Finally time to put on some nail enamel and chose an old OPI

ASH sneakers

And yesterday same jeans but black blouse from Massimo Dutti

Hair clip from H&M


Katharine Rv said...

Great, as always ;)
Have a nice day, dear!! ♥

Alexstrasza said...

Good morning dear Anette <3

Thank you for all the lovely photos; you look beautiful and I love your clothing choices as usual. So glad that you've been enjoying the last few days, I hope all is well with you and your family. I am listening to Like A Show Inside My Head as I type this, and as always it is wonderful. The lyrics are quite touching and your voice sounds lovely as always.

Much love and warm wishes to you,

rainy said...

Really nice outfits :)
I love the make up as always :D

Unknown said...

How good to see you happy!!!!

Lina said...

Super cute, Missy! Today I am wearing my yellow pants from Uniqlo to celebrate the wonderful spring weather we are having in New York!


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
Ohh is Amazing !
I love you're 2nd earings, are so class & pretty !
You're 4th picture is just wow, I loove !
Have a wonderfull end day
With love <3

lehPhotography said...

I love those earrings! They're beautiful! :)

XxBriannaxX said...

So beautiful as always..
Enjoy your day,I send warm hugs to you.

Henk said...

Looks great! Have a nice day!:)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

According to the bullying thing we talked about in your blog a few days ago, I reminded a true story I want to tell you:

A few weeks ago I was in a shop in the city and two guys I didn´t know at all in my age passed me and started to grin and laugh, but not in a friendly way. First I thought "Well, maybe they just talked about something funny or so". But a few seconds later I heard one of them saying something like "haha, did you see that guy right now?" And I knew ok, they don´t seem to like me very much, even if they didn´t know me. But I didn´t mind, why should I? But then, and that was really annoying, they turned, passed me again and laughed again in that way. Just to make me angry, I felt it. I got a bit more angry but said to myself "forget about them". When I aimed to leave the store they passed me a third time, again with laughing. And then it was too much for me and I said to them "Excuse me, but WHAT exactly is your problem? Why don´t you just tell me?" And they laughed even more and left the store. I was so angry that I shouted after them "Always the same! First laughing about someone but then not having the courage to say why!" But they didn´t care at all. In the beginning I was very angry and sad, of course, but I forgot fast about it and I just said to myself "Well, you don´t need them, so why worrying?" And that´s that. But it´s sad that things like this happen. If someone laughs about you in a very mean way, it gives you a very, very bad feeling.

I´m interested in your opinion, Anette. You talk so much about bullying so I think you also know much about it. What excatly is it that brings a person to laughing about somebody without a clear reason and to do this in a mean way? What do you think?

Have a nice evening now and please take always good care of yourself :).


Unknown said...

Hi Nettan,

Always beautiful, always well your clothes too beautiful.

May you have an awesome day and an awesome weekend.

God bless and many hugs to you guys all the family.

Kisses - Raffaella / BRA

matotu said...

You look great. And these earrings form Gina Tricot are cool!
Matotu :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice outfits Anette! :-)

I also see a little mini Storytime ribbon in that last pic! :-) hehe! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice outfits Anette! :-)

I also see a little mini Storytime ribbon in that last pic! :-) hehe! :-)

eliete said...

Hello Anette! I'm glad to know you're fine.
You look so good in pink, beautiful make up! Can you tell me what foundation do you use? Your skin is perfect, can you tell me the secret of your perfect skin? ;-)
I'm anxious for your album. I want to hear you singing again with you angel's voice.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Big love,