Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Maria Mena

A singer from Norway, Maria Mena, got so sick of the nasty comments in internet about her that she wrote this song to the haters and it´s called - FUCK YOU

As you know, I am, just like her against net bullying and her lyrics is really so true, especially this:

"Slough behind a keyboard. Your fingertips are nails. I bet face to face your social skills surprisingly fail. Come a little closer, I didn't catch your name. Insult me all you want but dare you do it to my face? F**k you"

It´s one thing to write something in the internet hidden behind the computer but another thing to come up to me and say the same thing. Cowards is what net haters are.


Anonymous said...

Very true. Couldn't of put it better myself.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Good lyrics, really. She and you are so right. I hate every form of bullying, but net bullying or cyber bullying is one of the worst. The internet offers anonymity and behind this, the bullies can hide. And as you say, they are cowards. Most of them wouldn´t come up with the same words face to face with the victims. Great that she did this song and thanks for sharing it, dear Anette :).

By the way: What I also detest is talking behind one´s back and saying nasty things about him or her, but then smiling to the person and pretending to be such a good friend. I have experienced that myself and it´s really bad.

Have a nice day Anette and take always good care of yourself, please :).


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing, Anette. Here in America it's harshand cruel to bully. But I learned that the most insecure person does the bullying. And deep down, I feel sorry that they need to be hurtful just to feel good.

XxBriannaxX said...

I absolutely love this. Its very true. I hate it when people will make fun of me on the internet but when I see them at school or something its a whole other story. Its amazing how rude and hateful people can be,i've had people tell me im worthless and to just go kill
Myself,but as you said,they are just cowards,especially since they can only tell it to me on the computer
Instead of my face. So definitely a big "fuck you" to those people. Thanks for this post Anette. It really helped me out today.
Hugs to you

LindaS said...

Awesome song! Kudos to her for standing up to the haters.
My grandson gets bullied in school to the point where he doesn't want to go to school anymore. His grades are falling and he is becoming withdrawn. He sees a psychologist once a week. My daughter wants to transfer him to a different school district or home school him. It's so sad because he's a good kid and doesn't deserve this.

Have a great day Anette. You are one such a great person!


Andrés Val Antilef said...

I just have to say.... You' re absolutely right nettie *-*

Unknown said...

LOVED the lyrics!!!

Bullies are so pathetic

Tiffany Toland-Scott said...

I deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis, and I'm not even a famous rockstar! ;) It seems a lot people can't help being jealous if you're good at something, and just can't bring themselves to be happy for you.

Dalma said...

You deleted a comment? Hope it wasn’t something against you. It’d be the best post for that…

I’m writing just because I’m surprised. Of course every type of bullying is cruel but if I had the chance I would definitely choose bullying without face to face interaction. Being in front of my computer implying probably being at home means some kind of sense of security to me.

I imagine a situation at school in which somebody insults me. No matter who, I don’t care about others and I don’t trust anybody so it could be anyone. In that case there’s no time to think, there’s no chance to hide or run and anyone can see my reactions. Isn’t it horrible? To stand in front of a person who hates me and actually tells me about it? (Who’s the coward then, huh?)

If you’re bullied through the internet you have the chance to react freely, you have time to think about it and you’re not under that big pressure. You can listen to a song, for example this one or just watch a funny movie. Even if you don’t know then who the haters are it’s much more comforting. Because who cares? It’s their problem being silly; all I’m interested in is my comfort. And hey, it’s better not to learn their names, isn’t it?

All this might sound strange but that’s what I think. Maybe it’s because my social skills are very poor and I really hate speaking face to face. I simply can’t handle those situations. Even if it’s not about bad things I feel so uncomfortable around people that I’d honestly love to run away and hide. I don’t know what to say, what to do with my hands, where to look (definitely not into people’s eyes) and things like that. But fortunately it’s OK if I have to talk with them via internet. (I have no idea why it’s like that.) So no wonder it’s similar with bullying and no wonder you all agree with each other but not me.


Unknown said...

Dalma: Thanks for your comment;=) For me, I prefer someone saying things to my face so I can speak up for myself. I do believe it´s much harder for someone to be mean to someone´s face than hidden behind a screen- But we are all different and I understand your view of it too;=) Take care now;=)

Unknown said...

Tiff; Yeah, it´s not a problem for only famous people or public persons. It´s a big issue and what makes me angry is that the big communities such as Facebook and youtube don´t take their responsibility. They need to clean the hateful comments and delete hate sites against ANY person, famous or not. Take care now;=)

Unknown said...

Well, I doubt people would dare to say that face to face to me specially if I am sort of intimidating while talking (not intended to). I kind of receive s**** talk on my fb page by friends and family, sure I guess the behave of strangers won't be much better than that. Anyway, I wanna see this spoiled kids learning how to sing, we all the respect Anette, either you were born with that voice or you went trough all the process and these bullies I doubt they have the mental strength to go further lesson 5 because it is really easy to give up and the one who does not at least whine when things are not coming up as expected, is a f***** liar. I also wanna see these idiots trying to play a string instrument cuz is a phisical pain on each finger tip and callus kind of hurt like hell.

So yeah I am taking singing lessons and some people kind of laugh at me, normally I don't give a dam but when is too anoying to sit tight I just lower my register as lowest as possible, apply what I've learned so far and I just say "Fuck You, try it by yourself".

Orcrane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I don't think is a good idea to post the "other comments" you might receive because you have to come back and you don't want that negative stuff remind you that little preak's existence.

Eliene Moreira said...

Hey Anette, I watched this video today. It is a poem about people suffering bullying. I got very emotional and would like if you watch it too.

With Love

Anonymous said...

Just leaving a comment to say I agree with this. People can be extremely negative on the Internet about everything, and when it's about people it's especially horrible. The fact that Simone Simons has a hate site has me upset.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, its very true what you are saying. Any type of bullying is bad, as from experience I was bullied in primary school. In some ways it wasn't too bad, it made me a unique person not being conformed as well as stronger, but then of course at the time as everyone else says is cruel and it was.

All bullying must be stopped.
Cheers for now take care of yourselves.

luv bren :)