Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother´s day;=)

To my mum, to myself and to ALL of you lovely MOTHERS out there:


Dalma said...

It was a week ago, wasn't it? :D
Ok, I know that in Sweden it's different but I thought it was the last Sunday of May...

'To myself.' That's so cute. :D Then happy Mother's Day to you. Threefold.♥

Anyway, I love this picture. I guess it's because of its colors. We have two trees in our garden which give us similar colors. One of them has no flowers at the moment but now I go and take some pictures of the other one. :D

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !!
And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY for you're Mother :)
Here in France is the 26 May only !! Waiting again for mum ahah !!
Have a beautiful lovely day for you & you're mother :)
With love <3

matotu said...

Happy mother´s day to you!


Thats strange mothers day is in february in ireland=/ but anyway happy swedish mothers day!!=D

Karin said...

Yes, Happy Mother's Day to you dear Anette, and to your super lovely Mum with that wonderful smile :)

And to me also. I am so proud of my two children, I hope and I think I am a good mother to them !

Betty Blue said...

Happy mother´s day!
Funny, in Germany it´s mother´s day too, but when I look through the comments it seems other countries have other dates... Well, whatever, happy Mother´s day to all mothers out there!
Is this one of the photos Seth worked on? I saw that picture of him, he´s a tall one! My brother had the same hair colour when he was little; now he´s as dark as me. But it seems like your children stay blonde :-) It´s lovely. I always hoped that the swedish genes in me would be strong enough to keep my hair blonde, but they weren´t. Now I have Mogul´s hair, also great. Mogul´s genes seem to be very strong. But I would have loved to have this "swedish colour"...
I wish you a pleasant day with your family!

Helminen said...

Hi, Anette and Happy Mother's Day!! It's a nice celebration day, too bad in my home country, Bulgaria, is not celebrated, but in Finland, where I live now, it is! So, once again, Hyvää äitienpäivää!
Best wishes,

Lina said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I didn't know it's the same day in Sweden as it is in the U.S... I sent my mom a heart shaped bamboo plant. She loves it! Enjoy your day Anette!


Unknown said...

Happy mother´d day, dear Anette! :-) In Slovakia we have mother´s day too :-) in other countries it is various, but I think this is very nice celebration of maternity ♥

litaford said...

grattis dear nettie :). here in mexico it was on friday, so congrats to all mothers out there :D

Katharine Rv said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, dear!! ♥

Carol Misokane said...

Nettan my dear, happy Mother's day.
May your light will guide your boys every single day of their lives, may your heart be always full of love to catch them when they'll need and may God bless you everyday for you to forget all the cruel things people have done to you.
No matter what happens, the children are always in the first plane, and you proved your love for them.
Thank you for being this wonderful person, singer and mother.

I love you,


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

A very, very happy mother´s day to you :). Me, my brother and my mum went to a café today in the morning where we had a really nice breakfast buffet with rolls, muesli, joghurt, orange juice, eggs and so on. It was really nice made and delicious. They had their premiere with this today, from now on they will offer it every sunday so we´ll go there more often then. The advantage is that you don´t need anything for lunch then, because your stomach is so filled :).

I hope you also have a very nice day with your family :). Happy mother´s day also to all other mothers.

Take good care now of yourself please and enjoy the day, Anette :)


LindaS said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and your beautiful Mum! Have a perfect day !


XxBriannaxX said...

Since I don't have a mom to say it to, I will say it to you.
Happy Mothers Day,Anette. ♥
I hope you have a great day.

Beatrix said...

Here we celebrated Mothers' Day a week ago, but today is my son's 5th birthday so we are in a celebration mode anyways. :)
Enjoy your evening! :)

Unknown said...

HI Nettan!!!!

Happy Mother's Day for you.

All good for you and to your family.

Kisses Raffaella BRA

Lycklig mors dag till dig!

Dark Queen said...

Happy mother's day to you ♥
Hope you had a great day with your little ones :)

Micha said...

Hi Anette :)

Happy Mothers´ day to you :)
May you always be happy with your children.

Maybe you still remember. I wrote you about 5 weeks ago that my friends´child as a tumor in his brain. He died last night.

I don´t believe in God but my friend is so thankful to God for the last four years she could spend with her little prince.
I don´t wish any mother to feel this pain. No parent should carry his child to their graves.

Enjoy your life. It´s shorter than we can imagine.

Unknown said...

hey Anette!
Happy mother's day to you! Hope you had a nice weekend and could enjoy it with your family.
I also hope that you can get some sleep again soon ;) I'm sure your sons will thank you someday for all your care, I did so.
Have a nice evening, I don't know about the weather in Sweden, but in South-Germany it's a beautiful warm and sunny evening.
Regards and hugs Michelle

Unknown said...

Hey Anette^^
Happy mother's day to you, I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed it with your family! I also hope that you get to sleep again very soon ;)
I'm pretty sure your sons will thank you someday for all your care and support, I did!
Have a nice evening!
Regards and hugs from Germany,

Saga said...

Mors Dag i Sverige är väl inte förrän den 26:e? Struntsamma, grattis på Mors Dag! :D

DreamerGirl131 said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and to every mum out here :) (here, in Hungary, it was one week ago :D)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Well, I never celebrated Mother's Day with my mum but I hope you had a nice Mother's Day with your loved ones and enjoyed that day.

Kisses & hugs,
Steffi <3

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!!
Being mother is suffering in paradise, why it is so special.
Congratulations to all the mothers who suffer with so much love and happy!!

Pumpkin said...

Hi Anette! It was mothers day yesterday here in Canada also! I spent the day with my mom, aunt, and grandma! I hope your mothers day was wonderful!! <3

eskoplja said...

And here's the full picture I promised to send :)


Ena :*