Friday, May 31, 2013


Here´s my exercises from yesterday and today. I have found some great people to follow that have great workouts so I´ll do these and they are really sweaty!

Yesterday I did this ab exercise where you do 50 seconds per tabata/exercise and 10 seconds rest in between:

and then today I did this sweaty one where you do the same 50 seconds/tabata BUT you do this whole round of exercises for 3 times! Sweat attack!!!



Yokai Sofia said...

Wow! My knees hurt while watching. I usually have problem with breathing part of my exercising. I will try it and if there will be any problem with the air, I am going to consult it with my personal trainer. I lost 21 kg with her guidance, so I believe her... Now to the shop to buy equipment... Keep going and good luck with your work out!

eskoplja said...

Looks hard. I didn't go to gym class because of the problem with eye I have.
But I will try some of them at home. You look lovely as always. Such a lovely smile. And I like the painting you have! From which artist is it? :)

Ena :*

Matias D Andrea said...

you look so great anette, really beautiful!!! my album is almost finished, the lyrics and music is inspired by you, im so happy, is a dream come true for me, de titel is "ETTENA" (i hope you like it) well, i send you some material soon, a big kiss from argentina!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! Hope you and your family are well and happy! :) Yeah! Exercise! I love exercise, by jumping on my bicycle and plugging in my earphones feels so good! that looks like a real intense workout you do there but it also looks awesome and effective.

I hope you had a great friday and a wonderful start to the weekend! :)

Wishing you, Johan, Nemo, Mio and Seth all the best, take care

luv bren :)
luv bren


que bien se te observa bella anette


hola anette se te observa tan radiante el dia de hoy que la pases bien el resto del dia