Friday, May 17, 2013

Eurovision 2013

So, I´ve gotten the question what I think of this years Eurovision and what I like and now after the 2 semifinal´s I´ll give my favourites;=)

My favourites are:

1st place is by far held by my teenage idol - Bonnie Tyler and UK:

I so wish she´ll WIN!!!;=)

Then without any specific order are my other favorites:

Norway - I feed you my love:

The Netherlands - Birds:

Russia - What if:


What´s your favorites?


Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

Wonderful shows until now from Malmö! I am very proud of Anouk and her song. I like the Danish song and France is my favourite.

Love and regards,

Anonymous said...

Good morning Anette :)
My favourites of this year are Iceland (love his voice), Greece (the song is quite funny)and Norway (good voice + a nice song). Denmark has a quite nice song as well. Apart from that I have no high hopes for our own entry because it sounds like a copy of last year's winning song.
Hope you have a nice day.

Greetings and hugs from Germany

Dark Queen said...

My favourites are: Moldova(I like even her dress :) hehe ), Norway and Belarus.
But I have to say that I like more songs of Eurovision 2012.
Enjoy the day ♥

Gemi said...

Greece! =) Alcohol is free! (8)

^^ Claudia ^^ said...

Hi Anette!
My favourite is the Italian Singer,Marco Mengoni with his song "L'Essenziale"...
I really love him...
he is a big star here in Italy :)
Big Huge,Claudia!hander

Kaoru said...

I haven't watched anything, only Bonnie's video (and also the Spanish one... we're going right to the last position). To me, the Eurivision is like a ritual and I only watch the final, I don't want to know the songs and artists beforehand.
I love Bonnie, but the song is not my thing. I think they should've gone for something more powerful.

Serena said...

My faves are Denmark and Russia! What do u think of the Spanish entry?

Unknown said...

I like Finland's pro-gay marriage statement.

Dalma said...

I liked Greece's and Romania's production the most. Both surprised me and in my opinion this is what Eurovision is all about. Showing something new, special and surprising at the same time. Because while I was watching the show I had a feeling that many songs were quite similar. Good songs but nothing special, as if they were copies of each other. But these two... :D I hope one of them will win. =)

But of course my country's song is above all for me.I hope you saw it because I didn't. Our tv and internet just went down exactly two songs before Hungary. And 'randomly' came back three songs after it. What a coincidence...

But I was so happy hearing the word Hungary foremost. To be honest I didn't think we get in the 10 but still I kept my fingers crossed. Poor ByeAlex has got many bad wishes and all those who disliked him were Hungarians for sure. I just don't get why a small country can't join together when it's about bigger things. It saddens me so much...

Unknown said...

I Like Georgia, Malta and Spain and UK is quite bearable. Russian song is also good but it feels like you have heard that song many times before.


Philippa said...

Yes! I'm glad you like the Netherlands <3 Anouk is such an amazing singer, and it's the first time in 9 years that we've made it to the finals. I really like Denmark as well :)

Beatrix said...
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Henk said...

Hi and thaks a lot for answer)
I think UK is the favourite of this year. But Norway has a really nice song for Eurovision. Russia has a great voice. So will see who will be a winner today!)
P.S. If you are interested here is a great performance of the russian singer song "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera musicle. Just amazing:
Have a great weekend:)

Unknown said...

Anouk is awesome, and I love her.
Even though I don't really like the song, I'm so proud of her.
It's just a bit of Dutch Pride, so I'd say my favourite is Anouk, :)

But I didn't follow it, because I was in Paris. :)


Serafim said...

WoW...dear, Bonnie Tyler and her beautiful song is my favourite, too! I'll keep my fingers crossed for her tonight =)
Also, I like The Netherlands and the boy from Belgium)

Hope you're fine.
Lots of love to you and your family!
Always nice to read your blog, thanks!)))

Thaisinha23net said...

My favorite ones so far are the Belarusian and Finnish ones, they are so fun and "danceable"


Unknown said...

yeah itd be cool if Bonnie Tyler won and made a huge comeback !!!

Mary said...

I like the winner song from Denmark and Bonnie Tyler. But it is so wierd that Bonnie got just few votes.. wtf?
And of course we (Croatia) didn't pass to final again because we had a wrong song. The song is good but it is not for eurovision.
Greetings, bye

Rest Calm said...

Hi Anette!

I like the Hungarian song, I think it's cute and nice. Of course, I like the song of my coutry - Russia. Also I like good songs of Belgium, Sweden and Azerbaijan.

And I thought that Spain, France and Germany would have better place cause theirs song were good too...

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!!

Personally, I didn't watch Eurovision this year, at all! (Shame, I know.)

However, I was linked to a couple of songs, hurrah!

I like the winner-song and also "Alcohol is free". But hey, a free pint is always nice ;).