Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cleaning day outfit

Today it´s been raining so what´s better to do than some cleaning and sorting out clothes? And what´s more comfy than jeans, a long top and an easy hair bun?=)


eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? :)
You look lovely as always. I love that outfit :)
Hope you are ok. Have a lovely day

Ena :*

Unknown said...

Hey Anette!

I love your shirt. Where did you buy it?

Unknown said...

Skulls! I'm in love with skulls!
Great outfit :)

Have a nice day!

matotu said...

You look really cool!

Unknown said...

Sarah; Hi and thanks;=) I bought it in a small store in Stockholm but I don´t know the label of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi anette , how are you?
i love your outfit,you look great =)

Taaja said...

Really cool jeans I have to say.. I like them a lot! Also the shirt is really nice:D