Friday, May 31, 2013

Bloppis/vintage blog store?

Hi all and a very happy friday!!

I often get questions from readers who want me to sell my used clothes here and now I´m planning to do so but want to ask if you would like this? It will be a separate blog that´s only for this and it will be both more exclusive stuff as well as cheaper things.

What do you think?


Océane said...

Of course! Im waiting for this since so long!!!!! As i told you it would be such an amazing motivation for me during my weight loss journey :) even if its not my size now I do hope for it to be one day! Btw im -28kgs now :)
Im so happy you decided to do it :)
Cant wait now!

Have a great day my dear,
Love & Hugs

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

yeah, why not, do so :). I probably couldn´t wear anything of the things, since I´m a man and I also have a bigger size than you, but for your girl fans, it would be great I think. But who knows, maybe you will also find some things to sell that are suitable for men? Bracelets, sunglasses or so?

Have a very nice day and please take always good care of yourself :).


XxBriannaxX said...

I like the idea ;-) today is my birthday, so make sure to save something for me to buy! Hehe!

Andi said...

Hi Anette,

it is a good idea ;)
Do I see it right that you lost so much weight after Mio was born? Much more than after Nemo? Overall you look very thin, but your you wouldn't have a 2-3 months child :) You look great :)

@Océane: congratulations! that's pretty much time did pass since your surgery?

I wish all a nice day...and weekend. Tomorrow I go to a wedding of a friend of mine :)

Take care, Andi

Unknown said...

Pascal: Well, Johan has a really nice closet so I can sell some things he doesn´t want anymore:-)

Margaret Finn said...

Hello Anette!
I think, this is nice idea :)
But you're going to send your clothes in other counties? Or only in Sweden?
Because I'd like to buy your clothes, but I live in other country
Have a happy friday! ;)
Hugs <3

Océane said...

@Andi : thanks a lot! Its been 4 months yesterday! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Anette, especially if you used some (or all ;=) of the profit to support some kind of charity or non-profit organisation - maybe one dedicated to help the victims of bullying?
Or maybe you could even start your own fundraising against bullying... "the Anette Movement" - I would certainly like that! ;=)

eskoplja said...

I would love that! I would like to have the top you wore on DPP tour. The tight one with long sleeves.
Wish you a lovely day

Ena :*

Dalma said...
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Black Crow said...

I think it's a nice idea :)

Unknown said...

I think it's a good idea, Nettie!
many things that lie in our closet may be useful to other people. and can bring joy to them! I believe that to do so - it's cool!

Dalma said...

What do you think I think?
No need for answers here...

But really. Just a few days ago I thought about this. You know, I nearly always buy used clothes if I buy clothes at all. Maybe I couldn't buy from you but still I love the idea.

And now I've got some money from the state because my results were quite good in the last semester. Anyway, the new exam period has just begun but I've already got a five. :D

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,

It's a great idea but I do have some questions :)
How will you do if several people want you to buy a particular item?
What you would use currency (dollars, euros, your money)?
In terms of size of clothing, I do not know what unit you use in Sweden and I think we do not have the same between you and France :), could you give me your measurement unit if you please inform me that I can?

Havea great day :)
With love <3

Unknown said...

are you still using your website? cause that would be a good place for it too. but also do competitions as well maybe? i think that would be fun. :)
i'd be more interested in johans stuff. i know it's odd for a woman to wear mens stuff but i'm comfy and that what matters to me. doesn't mean i don't appreciate a well dressed woman. ;)

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Yes! That would be so exciting!

Do you still own striped leggings that you wore on tour in 2007/2008 time? Loved those :P

Katharina said...

Would be really cool!

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

That's a brillant idea, Nettie! :-)
I love your style and it would be so cool to get some of your used clothes. You have a great taste for fashion.
I would definitely like a store of your clothes. :-)

Have a nice day, my dear,
Steffi <3

Unknown said...

Great idea! Of course,I would like this!
Enjoy this day!
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette & everyone else here! :-)

It's a nice idea Anette! :-) Should you choose to go ahead with it then good luck to you! :-)

hehe... though if I purchased some of your clothes Anette people would start worrying about me if they saw female clothes on my clothes rail! :-D Only kidding Anette! :-D

On a different note please can you do another of your raffles sometime? :-D hint hint :-D

Your raffles seem good fun! :-)

Have a nice day Anette, my favourite entrepreneurial lady viking! :-)

linnea-maria said...

Det låter toppen :)

Anonymous said...

I think it would be an awesome idea! Would you sale items worldwide though?

Carol Misokane said...

I'd buy lot of stuff.
Maybe you could sell not only clothes, but other stuffs of the tour =)

littlemimo said...

I love the idea and I'm waiting for it since a looong time :)

Have a nice week end !

Stella said...

Oh i would love that! I love your style so much and wearing something that your wore would just be amazing!!!

Janina said...

I would really appreciate that! :)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
a really nice Idea:).
Have you informed because if that's so simple? To sell stuff on your blog is something else than on Ebay.
As a precaution you should inform you. Not that you will get worse.
But this idea is good. Above all, if you have asked for much.

Have a nie weekend with your boys.


Serafim said...

Hello, dear Anette!
Of course it's nice idea! If you want to do it, you are welcome! =)
But i'm afraid, that if I want to order something, your parsel won't get my house, as I live in the Crimea. It's far from you and some problems with delivery can happen...
Have a happy friday evening with your family!
Best wishes,

Farandra said...

I also find that it is a good idea !

LindaS said...

One word....YES !!

Unknown said...

I would totally love to buy some of your clothes!! I have always loved your stage outfits and wished that I could raid your closet :) ha
If you do this will you be able to ship stuff to Canada?

Unknown said...

I wish I was not a man!

Katy Marie said...

Would it be by auction? Where would the money go? I'd hate to have to fight over a used article of clothing, then have like $400 used shirt.

Beatrix said...

Why not? It would be fun! :)

Unknown said...

To you all: It will be like a web shop, that means no bidding like Ebay. A set price including shipment. I will put it up for everyone in the whole web so it will be open for everyone to buy the items.

Karin said...

Yes , why not! Good to try new things , and I am certainly interested :)

Pumpkin said...

I think this is a great idea! :)

FAQing Amazing said...

yeah do it!!! there's nothing to lose Anette, besides, I'm sure it will work out.