Monday, May 06, 2013

Best thing...

...when having a little baby is  Baby Björn.

Makes me able to sing and do shores while he sleeps:=)


Unknown said...

That is great. You look so happy at the pictures :-)

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!!!
Beautiful photos!!
Being a mother is magical!!!!

Unknown said...

I mean that its trajectory is central to my studies in music.
Every time I listen and watch, I'm more in love with this art.
His voice and rock are the perfect match for my ears!!
Kisses and hugs!!

Unknown said...

great thing for mothers! and for all business-mothers)) have a nice day, my angels*))) love you.

ACWL Officiel said...

hi dear
really cute <3
enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

you are a wonderful mother! This gave me a lot of tenderness!
I hope the baby grow strong!

Océane said...

Wow on the first photo you are ... stunning! Im speechless!

He is SO tinny! cutie pie <3

Love & Hugs

eskoplja said...

Now those pictures really made me smile! You look so pretty! And the way you hold the little Mio is so precious. You really have a beautiful smile!
Yesterday, I got a little job to make postcards for the summer season, here in Croatia. Yay! I got some pictures and now I have to make some examples
Hope you are ok :)

Ena :*

Anonymous said...

So cute <3

Photographer Leia said...

So cute! Looks like you two are getting some quality mommy-and-me time. :)

Philippa said...

Aw that is just the sweetest thing. He's so tiny! <3

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette,hello of France.
Which beautiful photo, the moom and her small baby.
This device is very pratical for the walks.
I remember beautiful walk in bit with my son, but now he is going be 15 years old, that time flies!!
Many of the good thinks to you Anette and in bientot in other comments!


Unknown said...

Yeah, very useful thing!
You look so lovely ;)
Have a nice evening!
Love and hugs

XxBriannaxX said...

Aww thats so cute! And you look beautiful,Anette.
Enjoy your day.

SuperCherie said...

Hejssan Anette! I have slow reactions :) but I'd like to ask something about this picture you posted a while ago
are those black ones in the upper left corner Minna Parikka shoes? looks like them:) If so, have you more of her label?
Happy and warm spring days for you and your family - waiting for summer :)

Elmas said...

Cuteness overload!!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

This is a good choice.
Tarja so a baby Björk, too;)
You look so cute with mio on the photos.:)
Enjoy this day:)

Lately I was struggling with my pollen allergy. Now it's back;) and can enjoy the nice weather :).

Habe a nice day, Nalon.

Carol Misokane said...

It is so great. Here in Brazil we call this by Canguru, so useful =) and I love seeing moms carrying their babies in that, I think the child goes too close to the mom and there is nothing better than this.

Have a beautiful day.

Love, Carol

Francesca said...

OMG! Mio is incredibly little and cute..and you look more beautiful than ever, Anette! :)
Have a great evening!

July said...


A beautiful cute baby and a beautiful and amazing mom! I'm very happy and proud of you! =)

Have a very nice nice afternoon!

Karin said...

Lovely photos! You look really really nice, and the BabyBjörn with little Mio: so cute! :)
I tried to carry my son Tim in a BabyBjörn, but he weighed 4,8 kg when he was born, so he was so heavy to carry around...
I have been meaning to ask you about your singing: do you sing at home much, I mean like "training"your voice somehow? Do you sing daily ? What do you sing ? :)
Take care, Anette. Hope you will get good sleep tonight...?

Unknown said...

C'mon, I have a weak pancreas, aaaaawwwww........... so sweet..............

Gemi said...

I really want to listen singing Anette! I love your voice! Every day I listen your songs, Sahara, bye bye beautiful, Amaranth, the poet and the pendulum... (Finally the hills are without eyes
They are tired of painting a dead man's face
red with their own blood ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫)

You look fantastic with your baby!:)
Best wishes ^^

Vinga said...

You are very pretty :*

Unknown said...

Awwww~ Anette :3
These pictures are soooo cute*O*


Sweet G. said...

Why don't you try a sling?
It's more confortable.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww so cute! You look very beautiful by the way! :)

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette! waaw it´s soooo sweet :-) you look so great and beam with joy... nice :-) have a nice day with your loved ones!
hugs, Radka

Taaja said...

So nice:)

Dalma said...

Extremely good pictures of you! ♥

Unknown said...

Wow cool:) u r so pretty in these pictures. I know I've said that alot...enjoy your day:)