Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Aviators and cherry blossom

Good evening dear ones;=)

Hope you´ve all had a wonderful day and lots of sun as we´ve had here in Helsingborg. Around +20 degrees and a lovely summer warmth which made it possible to only wear a sweater and no jacket. Lovely;=)

My new Ray Ban aviators are just marvellous and I love them! I feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun version 2013 and well, can it be better? 

Today me and Seth went to the super market in the evening and then we took some photos for my INSTAGRAM and I want to share them with you since I think they turned out nicely. Seth took the one of me and he also taught me how to make the photos look nicer. Good to have a youth who know his way around Instagram better then his mum;=)

The tree is a cherry blossom tree, I believe and it was lovely to look at! There were several of them and it was so nice with the pinkish color spreading the flowers that were on the trees as well as on the ground.

Now time to go to bed so sleep tight all of you and tomorrow it´s a big day since my mum turns 70;=)
Sleep well!


Beatrix said...

Really nice pics and cool sunglasses!
Sleep well and happy celebration tomorrow! :)

migi said...

hi anette, good to hear you have nice weather too. we have here since 4 days a mix between sun and rain and sun and rain. you look great.and the sunglass Looks very cool.my first thougt was "anette Looks like Tom cruise in top gun". hahaha and now you wrote it too :D good film by the way. the tree is very beautiful. then have a nice Party tomorrow ;). wish you a good night. and big hugs as always

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette :)
First of all thanks for your answer. I can believe you that you're tired, but I think that the most important thing in that you're fine and happy :)
Seth is soooo tall :) Nice boy and so good as photographer. CONGRATS TO HIM! :D
Sleep well you too and good night ♥

Unknown said...

Haha he probably knows his way around Instagram better than me too. The pictures r nice even tho I can't really see them but that's bc my eyes suck:)
Happy early 70 bday to your mum

Lina said...

Aw, Happy birthday to your mommy! You really look great in those sunglasses. :-) Have you ever tried the Bath and Body Works scent, Japanese Cherry Blossom? They have stores in the U.S. and a website. It is an amazing scent ... check it out if you can!!

BettY OlzOn said...

great... the violet trees are beautiful... and I love your eyeglasses... they are so fashion... congrats to your son... the pictures are wonderfull and very profesionals, he is so talend :)

hugs and greetings from mexico

BettY OlzOn said...

the violet trees are beautiful...and I love your eyeglasses, they are so fhasion and cute.. and congratulations to your son seth for the great and profesionals pictures that he took... thanks for shared your day and your pictures..

hugs and greatings from mexico

reub2000 said...

It's sunny and warm out here. But sometimes even that fails to cheer you up.

Anyways, I love those sunglasses.

Matias D Andrea said...

this a beautiful tree, is very inspiring, cool glasses anette, you look so great!, really beautiful!!!
you remeber me? my new album is entirely dedicated to you! i'm Matias D' Andrea from argentina!!!

Lucinda said...

Seth is so all grown up!
You're funny with these new glasses and I think they suit you ;)

Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!!!
Beautiful double!!!!
Kisses and hugs!!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, these photos are wonderful!
I love your sunglasses, they are really cool ;)
Here, in my city, is +22 degrees and hot weather ;-)
Enjoy this evening!

Taaja said...

I like the pics.. and nice that you shared with us another Seth's picture.

:) Taaja

Unknown said...

Congratulations for the baby!!