Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ascension day;=)

Hi all and a very happy Ascension Day;=)

Here in Sweden this is an off day from work but many still have to work since big malls are open and so on. But we are all at home today;=) 

Mum´s birthday party was really nice and except family the choir also came to sing and celebrate and it was just so nice to meet them all again! I sure felt like starting in the choir again, I love choir singing;=) We sang for mum and they had made a specially written song for her that she really liked to hear. Good that we are a family of music cause everyone sang in!

Here´s me and the choir! Best choir there is - BYGDEKÖREN!

I forgot my camera so no photos but we ate lots of different food pies she had made and then a lovely cake for dessert. She got lots of nice gifts but I am sure that she felt that the best gift was that everyone were there for her big day;=) 

And no one can believe that mum is 70, she look great! I hope I´ll look as good as her when I am 70. Mum exercises every week and are eating healthy and most of all, she has a positive attitude upon life, which I believe is the key to a long and healthy life. She has beaten cancer and I am so proud of her!



Unknown said...

Happy Ascension Day, Anette! In the Brazil do not commemorate this date, but is there a very similar. Culture ... haha
I loved the photos. A big hug!

Unknown said...

sorry it late but: happy birthday Anette's mum. wishing you happiness and good health all year long. :)

i think we need to see more of your mum on here. ;)

i once met a lady who went swimming every day and always laughing. she looked like she was in her 50s. my jaw dropped when she said she was in her 80s!

but Anette..don't worry about wrinkles. real beauty comes from within. <3

Unknown said...

Congratulations and best wshes to your mom! Mothers are angels sent by God to "plant" the love!
Music transforms, frees, cheers, alert, touches hearts, souls and minds.
Dear Anette... forgive my English and vent that way in yiur space.
My name is Cylene, I live in a small city en the state of São Paulo, Brazil. I am married, mother of three and I live a simple life of housewife.
I always liked rock, I hear a lot of bands, but when I heard his voice for the first time... I was delighted!
You know, I have a mild mental disability and I can not engage in studies or complex things, but I'm smart enough to get me to adapt to things.
O' ve done some treatments... but after that clung to their music, much has changed in my life. Gradually am learning the lyrics, the sound feeling and perceiving the details, as I had never achieved before.
His active soronidade my mind and this is making me wonder. I managed to keep my memories feeling like accomplishing things as evetyone is equal!
So I ask you: sing!!
You can not imagine how happy I am. His songs are taking me to a world of darkness!
Thank you for doing all you did... hit me and made me very well. Forgive me if I never get to repay!
God bless you and your family vece!
Kisses and bugs!

Unknown said...

Have a happy Ascension Day! As you, I so love choir singing ;-) Thanks for these lovely video. I was really enjoying, when watched them ;)
Lot of happiness and health to your mum ;-)
Love and hugs

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette,
Attractive photo with the choir, you look like your mom a lot, with the identical smile.
Happy birthday to your mom.


eskoplja said...

Happy Anscension day to you too dear. I hope you are well :)
A bit late...but all the best to your mum! Thanks for sharing the song. I absolutely LOVE it.
I have a final ancient greek test tomorrow and we will get 4 grades from it....and it's too hard .- I hope I will do well.
Big hugs

Ena :*

Betty Blue said...

Happy ascencion day and belated happy birthday to your mum!
In Germany we don´t really celebrate ascension day. We get a day off from school and work, and that´s it. Some go to church, but most people just go out and get drunk. I didn´t. Seems like I finally regain control on my drinking :D
You look a lot like your mum. She must be a very strong and very warm-hearted woman.
All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Ascension Day Anette! :-)

I can't believe how many celebration/tradition days Sweden has that I never knew about which I find out about through your blog :-) I wonder what's next...hehe! :-)

Very intersting to find out you sang in a choir. Also while at the same time singing in Alyson Avenue I imagine :-) Cheers for sharing! :-)

Have a nice evening my favourite lady viking! :-)

xxMissCxx said...

You are the spitting image of your mum :) hope she has a great bday :)

Amy x

Karin said...

Happy Birthday Anette's Mum :) It touched me when you wrote she's beaten cancer. Wonderful thing! She has been through a lot but nice that she has a positive attitude towards life. I also think that that is one of the most important aspects you can have . If you enjoy life , it gives a lot back. And , she does have a beatiful, wonderful, positive smart daughter who she can be proud of :)

Unknown said...

Hey Anette

I was buying tickets for a concert of nightwish but then realized you were not singing... is is a pauze?
or will you never get back together?

you have such a good voice! Nightwish is noting without you <3

sweet kiss x

Unknown said...

Hey Anette,

I was buying tickets for Nightwish until I saw that you won't be singing.. is it a pauze? or are you leaving the band forever?

I hope you come back cuz Nightwish is nothing without you! you are amazing!

sweet hugs

Unknown said...

Hey Anette,

I was buying tickets for Nightwish until I saw that you won't be singing.. is it a pauze? or are you leaving the band forever?

I hope you come back cuz Nightwish is nothing without you! you are amazing!

sweet hugs