Tuesday, December 08, 2015

X-mas breakfast

Well hello xmas lovers!

I love to eat Santa´s porridge but I buy the one without sugar of course and then I add sugar free jam on top and its soooo yummie!!

Candle holder from GEORG JENSEN, cup and plate from IITALA


Hep-Hep Steff said...

on my own, i take organic muesli, and i add honey in it... i also too some japanese green tea, genmaicha. yummy!
i have to say, i love the candle holder, it's really beautiul...
(last but not least, i hope i'll have your paypal bill for my little order soon. i'd like to take all my remaining money in my bank account next friday, but could do only if i paid you that order...)
sending you hugs & love <3

Karin said...

We eat that porridge with sugar, cinnamon and butter :) Some eat it also with milk.
That is really a thing that tastes like christmas :)

A lição de hoje... said...

Seems yummy

Anonymous said...

Well hello Anette! :-)

So, you love to eat Santa's porridge do you? :-) Well, let's just say that I think most of us are partial to a bit of Santa's yummie porridge too! :-D At Christmas time it's great when Santa empties that sack of his, with all those wonderful goodies inside, and leaves us a bowl of his, ahem, porridge! :-D Yeah, it tastes great and it's so warm too! :-D A perfect start to these cold December mornings! :-D

Haha! :-D I'm sorry my favourite lady Viking, I hope you don't mind but I simply could'nt resist! :-) I must admit, I was in two minds as whether to post this or not :-) In the end I thought, well, it's Christmas so fuck it! :-)

Hope you enjoyed your bowl of Santa's porridge my favourite lady Viking! :-D