Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Broken wings

Oh I just LOVE angels and angel wings and when I went out to my storage and found my winter clothes box with lots of knits with just angel wings my heart skipped a beat=) THIS one especially make me so happy! I wear it the opposite way with the wings in the back cause I think that looks cooler=)

And that it´s black with really blingy wings - well can't get any better!

Once again- re-use more! When a season is over - place the items in your storage and bring them out for the next summer or winter. Clothes doesn't have to be thrown away and do like me- sell them to others when they are no longer fun for you! You earn some money and someone else can LOVE your clothes and give them new life

Åh vad jag älskar änglar och ängelvingar, så när jag hittade min vinterklädeslåda i förrådet och massa fina tröjor med just änglavingar blev jag helt till mig=) Speciellt den här fina gör mig så glad! Jag har den på andra hållet med vingarna bak för tycker det ser lite coolare ut=)

Återigen- återanvänd kläder mer! När en säsong är över - lägg ut kläderna i förrådet och ta fram dem nästa sommar eller vinter. Kläder behöver inte slängas utan gör som jag - sälj dem vidare till andra. Då sparar vi på miljön och kläderna kan användas av ngn annan som kan älska dem vidare.

Knit CINDSTORY, jeans DSQUARED2, shoes and bag ZARA, cap oldie, socks GINA TRICOT, body underneath WOLFORD, ring YSL


Karin said...

Hahaa, you are an angel Anette! :)
I have that same knit in my closet, ordered from cindstore( couple of years ago?) , and I've forgotten all about it! Thank you for reminding me! I will so use it on friday, when I' m going to a gospelconcert where my friend is singing in the choir :)

And : I did those chocolate-date-coconutflake-things :) And they are so good! The best is that you don't have to eat a lot of it to get your sweet-tooth happy :) A couple are enough, and then you are satisfied!

But, I am not a kitchen-person... Never been... So I did a mistake again:) I always make them;)
I put the ingredients in a blender... But that was not a good idea. I blended until I sentenced a burnt smell... Obviously it wasn't too successfull, so I used my fingers to get it to a smooth paste....

Skratta på bara :) , jag är alldeles eländig när det gäller att laga mat! Och alla mina vänner vet det. Jag FÅR inte laga mat när vi har våra tjej-träffar ;)

Men jo, chokladbollarna alldeles suveräna, och ( någorlunda) lätta att laga :)

Ha det bra. Kram !

Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, these angel wings look so beautiful....
and you're right with clothes, store them after each seasons, and when you have enough of them, sell them or give them. on my own, i tend to give them, to people i know or to a kind of thrift shop i love, emmaüs.. that's where i buy some of my clothes, too, and i have found very beautiful things, for a very low price... i got this lovely jacket past weekend: (but i had mine for 6 euros, in perfect condition)