Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Add a crazy color to your party outfit

So, more party suitable outfit and today I chose a cooler version but still dressed. These fake leather pants from NELLY with their shorter flare fit are so cool and perfect to wear to a pair of crazy colored shoes! These pink ones are many years now but I still love them=)

Fake leather pants NELLY TREND, top BIK BOK, necklace NOA NOA, blazer DOLCE & GABBANA, belt GINA TRICOT, shoes RIZZO


A lição de hoje... said...

I ve just love the nech Lace
And the look is Gorgeus
I think I will try something like this to Work
I m a lawyer and I just have loved the combination of the blazer amde de (fake please) leather Pants
Im in love for this Look
Thanks Anette u rock!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you've enjoyed some frivolous festivity recently my favourite lady Viking, which I don't begrudge you at all having been working very hard on your nurse training programme at university. Though if Christmas starts to become boring then allow me to stop thing's turning black & white any further by adding some more crazy colour with another of my entertaining posts, guranteed to make a minute or two fly by! :-)

As you know Anette, I've recently embarked on a night school course for a better Maths qualification. And I can't believe how well I'm doing! I'm aceing some coursework and I'm doing things with fractions, percentages, ratios, BIDMAS, and other mathmatics that only 10 years ago I would of really struggled with. Maths was always a weak area for me, but I seem to have suddenly come from out of nowhere and come a long way with Maths in a very short space of time. I'm now a few years away from 40 but I like getting older as I seem to get better and better and better with everything. I never seem to stop improving. I did an exam recently and I aced it by scoring 100%, I kid you not! :-) I've been informed that the person who marked it went over it twice just to be certain. Ironically, the concept I failed to get my piss-head around was that I thought we were doing a mock, practice paper! I was the last to finish ( I'm entitled to 25% extra time as I have a report wrote by an educational psychologist who diagnosed me with Specific Learning Difficulties years ago when I was 18. I'm as intelligent as other people, more intelligent than some, but the real damage it does is that it slows down my speed of information processing and my fine motor skills are weaker than most others. Nobody can appreciate what it actually feels like for me or the damage it's done to my life unless you experience it first-hand. It's actually a shame I suffer from this as I'm actually a man of utter intelligence and style ) and when I rejoined others from my group to discuss the exam, that's when my misconception became apparent. When it was revealed to me that it was the real exam I said 'What!? It was fucking real...!?'

I saw your Dear Karma note on Instagram and basically there is not enough justice in the world. A person ( I say person here in a derogatory sense ) whom I regarded as my best friend for the past 20 years left me totally high & dry in 2014. I hate it that someone whom I spoke so well of and praised shows me their gratitude by insulting me! What the fuck!? Karma, why has this person not been struck with a bolt of lightning or had something really shit happen to them to teach them a lesson!? I believe that you get back from the world what you put into it, such as be nice to others and others will be nice to you in return ( most of the time ). To me though, quite a lot of the time, it seems as though it's 'be nice to others and they will insult you in return. Plus they will have a really nice life and nothing bad will happen to them'. This is why I don't properly believe in Karma.

By the way, nice outfit photos my favourite lady Viking! You look like a female bouncer at the door of a pub or club on New Years Eve! :-)