Thursday, December 03, 2015

To reload

Hi all and happy Thursday!

Have had some busy days and yesterday we finally finalized our group work in school so the science paper is done and today I am off school and I am tired and need to recharge for a new course in school starting next week. What I do then? I watch some TV, take a nice warm bath, paint my nails, put on cosy clothes and will bake some goodies without sugar=)

I am a person that after hectic times really need calmness and after meeting people for many days need to be alone for a bit.

Balance is for me the key to live a good life and I´ve learned what I need=)

How do you balance YOUR life and do YOU need these days?

Love and light,


Har haft några stressiga dagar och igår gjorde jag och min grupp i skolan äntligen klart vårt vetenskapliga paper så idag har jag en ledig dag innan ny kurs börjar. Vad gör jag då? Jo jag tar ett varmt bad, målar naglarna, kollar lite TV, tar på mig gosiga kläder och ska baka lite sockerfria godisar=)

jag är en person som verkligen behöver lugn efter att ha träffat folk flera dagar och behöver vara ensam. 

Hur balanserar NI ert liv och vad gör NI på dessa dagar?

All kärlek,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

i do nothing special, since it's things i do every days: i read books, listen to music (right now jascha heifets playing some bach concerti), drink hot teas, and watch some tv or dvd in the evening.... the only thing i do need is the only thing i do not have: someone to hug me when i feel down..... loneliness sucks!

Karin said...

Well, I'm divorced, and have my children with me every other week; so when they are not with me I I see my friends, go shopping... But since I work with children every day, I really like being home alone. I love the silence, and the peace. I like to think I'm charging my batteries. By just being with myself. I read a lot, and watch movies or tv-series on my iPad in the couch :)
So after a hectic week with my job, driving the kids to their hobbies, making dinner... well you know... The week alone is a real contrast to that! It is my chance to wire down. Don't get me wrong : the weeks with my children are the best! But when the situation is what it is, it's somehow a releif to notice that I can enjoy my " lonely" weeks also. Not just missing the kids..

Unknown said...

I watch dvds too and read and go for walks with the dog :) I wish I had my own space though, I never really get time on my own or time to do whatever I like as I can't afford to move out :(
Sarah xx

Unknown said...

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