Saturday, December 26, 2015

A relaxed xmas

Hi all and sorry for my absence but I am really resting this xmas and taking it easy doing as little as possible=) Well, I exercise of course and eat yummie stuff and is with my boys and thats the perfect x-mas for me. No stress, sleeping a lot, taking naps and eating some candy and such. I even ate a fatty pizza yesterday and it was SO delicious!

Today I´ve been to my "old" gym and will start working out there from now on. Its not crossfit gym but a regular gym and this is straight across the street from my house so perfect distance! If you want todays exercise tip check out my instagram where I posted a thruster for you today.

Here´s some misc photos from this x-mas relaxation. I hope you all enjoy the weekend and remember to relax!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

hi sweet anette :)
it's nice to hear you could relax. looks like you gd a nice christmas... mie was quite good, for the first time ever my mother got it all right for her presents. thanks to some of the money my uncle sent to me for xmas, we wera able to enjoy a good bottle of champagne on the evening of the 24... the only bad thing now is that i have some eczema between my neck and my left shoulder, and it's still growing for now. i want to scratch pretty badly sometimes, hoepefully i have a good cream from relief. but i couldn't wear any necklace at the moment.... still haven't got yours, but i guess it will be here soon.
hugs & love from the bottom of my heart <3

A lição de hoje... said...

It was a day with a lot of fun...congrats its a lovely Family
My best wishes for you!

Oh! I love your style!

Karin said...

Quite the same here... I didn't quite realize how exhausted I was, from the whole autumn at my job. I love my job, but when you work with children everyday it can be quite a lot of " noise in your head" sometimes :)
So I've been sleeping a lot! Yesterday I fell asleep on the sofa twice:)
I really enjoy the silence. The stillness Christmas gives. Some people get a lot of stress; fixing and buying presents,making food an so on. But I refuse to get in that state.
Christmas and the whole time-off work, is just the right moment to charge your own batteries, to just rest, and be with family and friends. And be alone is also good( if you work with people, it is just heaven to be alone sometimes :) )

Before Christmas I went to the library and lent a whole bunch of books! Is there any better to read a good book on the sofa, take a nap there in between, and continue reading until midnight, or longer :)

Let us relax as much as possible! Soon those work and study-days will be here again :)