Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Halfway there

Well hello from Prague airport where I made a little middle destination and will take a night flight to Tel Aviv since no direct flights down today. But going home will be direct. 

So I had a BIG travel fever and anxiety and I guess its since I haven't travelled so much for a long time and been at home with my loved ones and then it´s always harder to leave them. But now when I am off I feel better and I surely look so forward sharing the stage with such big names tomorrow. An honor and I hope we all can make a great show=)

It was a bit difficult to know what to wear traveling since its so cold at home and appr. 18-19 degrees in Tel Aviv so I took layered clothes so I can take stuff off as I get there. And my new head piece have gotten such compliments already everywhere so I believe its a HIT=)

Hello from Copenhagen and YO Sushi where I ate sashimi

And then of course a goulash in Prague=)

Now time for next flight but talk soon again from TEL AVIV!

Love and light,


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I just step in for a Moment to say I'm happy your Travel to Tel Aviv went well. Lots of fun and success for the Gig tonight, there is no doubt that you will rock it :).

Lots of hugs and light to you!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

yes, that new head piece is wonderful! the kind of thing i'd love to wear...
i hope you had a good travel, and for your gig...... break a leg!