Thursday, December 10, 2015

Todays morning smoothie

Well hello Thursday and I have had a horrible night without sleep due to the kids being up all night rumbling around and finally we all slept in our big bed and I had Mio on my arm so kinda tired and blurry today… but well, I am up and I just had my yummie morning smoothie and here´s the recipe for today. And here u also can see my beautiful amaryllis standing on the table:

Men hej torsdag efter en hemsk natt utan sömn pga att ungarna var uppe hela natten och allt slutade med att vi alla låg i vår säng. Jag hade dock Mio liggandes på min arm så e helt slut idag och lite snurrig… men jaja, jag är uppe nu och har precis druckit min morgonsmoothie. Och se så fina amaryllis jag har blommandes på bordet nu=)

Här har ni receptet:

3 tablespoons of vanilla whey protein powder
1 banana
2 dl of oat milk
3 table spoon of coconut milk ( or cream, use the thick cream)
vanilla powder
Mix together and enjoy!

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Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

The recipe looks nice, I like smoothies even though I haven´t tried so far to make one by myself... why not changing that :).

I hope you find more sleep tonight or during the day, lacking sleep feels bad, I also know that. Nevertheless I wish you a very great day and a nice next week, I´m busy again so I don´t know if I can look into here that often. I wish you lots of fun at your Tel Aviv gig and a safe travel there and back :). Would like to be there, but I´m looking forward to video material at least.

Lots of hugs and light to you!