Sunday, December 20, 2015

Titans of metal

Hi all and sorry for my absence but the trip to Israel was a bit exhausting with lack of sleep and so on and then I came home and the x-mas fixing needs to be done but today I have some time to blog again=)

So, Israel - what a fun trip and how exciting to sing for you all! Full house and so many incredibly talented singers and musicians that came together to make a wonderful concert for such amazing fans! Had a blast and well, we didn't have time to rehearse the songs and that of course was a bit nervous but we still made a great night. Some notes that wasn't perfect, the tempo in Amaranth was extremely fast and I had to work hard to get the choruses together but all in all I am pleased and happy with my performances. Live sets are not meant to sound like the albums but to give a great show and we all did!=)

I hope we can do this show in other places and they are working on that so if you want us to come to your venue contact Prog state productions and say so.

Here are some photos from the evening and videos and thanks so Patrick that made this happen and big thanks to the band that played with me, to incredible Mats Levén - what an honor to sing with you and also incredible Ralph Scheepers - an honor to sing with you too=)

Met new lovely friends and got amazing support and kind words from all the guys and I feel blessed to have been with you guys on stage!

Love and light,

Me and dear Ralph Scheepers who sang October & April with me

The whole bunch after the show=)

Super kind and cool Ripper from Iced Earth, Judas Priest

One of my have singers in the world - Jorn Lande=)

And wow - Uli from Scorpions - what a legend!

And me and lovely Mike Terrana - we had such wonderful talks all evening and he is just the sweetest guy and amazing drummer!

And me and Chuck Billy from Testament - wonderful guy and singer!

Here with some of the guys before hitting the venue=)

But hell it rained and thundered ALL day and night! Horrible weather=(

All of our signatures on a cool guitar=) 

The venue was great!

From the backstage where we had lots of fun all day and evening=)


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

WELCOME BACK :). I´m happy to see that all went well and that you came home safely.

This are impressing infos and pictures, thanks for sharing them to us :). Would have been great to be there for sure, but at least it´s nice to see that you had a great time and a great gig and well, who knows, maybe some time I can visit the show too and hope you´ll be there then again :).

I find it especially cool that you met Tim "Ripper" Owens... I´m honestly not so much into Judas Priest and don´t know any of the albums he made with them, but I like Iced Earth a lot, where he unfortunately sung on only two albums, but "The Glorious Burden", which is his first one with Iced Earth, is maybe one of the best metal albums I know. You should listen to it if you don´t know it already. And Chuck Billy, that´s also very nice! I listen to Testament, not as much as to other bands maybe, but they are great and I have several albums of them :).

I hope you already found some resting time and wish you to have a nice evening and tomorrow a great start into the new week :).

Lots of hugs and light to you!

linnea-maria said...

Låter verkligen som en fantastisk händelse :-) med många coola människor som du mött. God Jul!

eliete said...

I am proud of you Anette!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like it was a prety good time... and uli? wow!!!!!
i hope you will travel back safely. <3

A lição de hoje... said...

Anette! Ive saw some show videos in youtube!please show us your stage clothes on a post! U looked stunning. So pretty!

Unknown said...

it looks like it was an amazing night! I hope there are some videos of your set :) since I couldn't be there myself. I think you should definitely come to london next time :)
Sarah x