Monday, December 07, 2015


Hi all and sorry for bad blogging but I´ve been busy.

The weekend have been filled with family treats such as choir concert with mum´s choir yesterday, birthday party for mum´s husband and then saturday I felt ill so mostly took it easy. But we did go to the studio with the kids to say hi to Niclas and they loved it=)

Today I need to go to the police to get a new passport since I am flying to Tel Aviv next week=) So looking forward sharing the stage with such big names and Jorn Lande and Mats Levén among others.

I am gonna sing NW songs and one secret song so go get your ticket=)

Love and light,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like you've been quite busy, no wonder i did not received yet your paypal link for my little order.... ;)
i hope you feel better, though. sending you hugs & love <3

A lição de hoje... said...

Oh Anette I would like to Go
But I dint have planned vacation
I will be in Brazil
Please tell me that you will post here and in the YouTube the show...