Friday, December 11, 2015


So hello FRIDAY!!!

Today is finally THE DAY when me and Niclas has released our new ANNIVERSARY SONG with ALYSON AVENUE since its been 15 years since we released our album PRESCENCE OF MIND=)

Check this video out and above all go and listen to the song in SPOTIFY! it will soon also be available in ITUNES

And tomorrow I go into the studio recording new material so we´re back peeps!


Laetitia L said...

Yeaaaah ! I'm so glad that you're back with Alison Avenue ! I'm looking forward listening to the new songs :-) You belong to the music world Nettie, even if you've been disappointed, I'm sure good things are coming ! Have an excellent Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations ! xo

Ann Meristale Klauver said...

Super song fills my soul with hope that Anette beautiful voice !!!!!

A lição de hoje... said...

In love for this Version
What a voice, you rock Anette!