Friday, May 22, 2015

Yellow mellow

Today I had a new lovely dress from ZARA I got last time in Helsinki and I love the color of yellow at the moment. Color make me happy and I´ve decided that I want to wear more color and it really make the mood so good! Try it=)

Coat from COS


Dress from ZARA Trafaluc

Leather pants GUCCI

Shoes RIKA 


Philippa said...

I absolutely love your shoes!

S.E. Berrow said...

Anette, darling, your hair is FABULOUS. And you look so brilliant in bright colours.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It`s beautiful! The colour suits you really well and this are wonderful pictures in a wonderful scenery :).

Anette, I was sad yesterday. Not because of you, but because of this hatred you got in your instagram yesterday. Normally I don`t pay attention anymore to those haters, just as you advised me on your facebook pageat the beginning of last year, but here I just have to loose some words. Because this, what I read yesterday... I mean, there is some hatred from time to time, but this, puuuh... it was really heavy and I couldn`t believe my eyes when I read those words from this person.

I wish you, Anette, that you can keep a distance between those mean words and you, that you still manage to not care. I`m sure it is not always easy to ignore things like that, but keep in mind that even when there are such terrible haters, we who support you and give love to you are more and that we will always be there :).

Lots, lots of hugs, love and light to you and may you have a bright sunday! SHINE!! :).